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Sprint's 'Holiday Deals'

Sprint's 'Holiday Deals'

I personally think this is ridiculous that Sprint is not extending their 'holiday deals' on their phones to other customers besides new customers, upgrades, or additional lines. What about those of us who have been loyal customers for years, but our upgrade is 30 days away? Does that mean you only care for those customers who are new, or who are about to shell out more money to you all for more lines? This doesnt sound like a very good 'holiday deal' to me and I am very unhappy that you would send me an email about this deal when I am 'not elegible' for this.

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Re: Sprint's 'Holiday Deals'

I agree with you 100%. I am sure if you call the customer service line, they will hook you right up, I have very good experience with their phone reps, and have never been disappointed. Just thought I would offer my two cent suggestion, Happy Holidays!!

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