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Stolen phone and plan Question...


Stolen phone and plan Question...

So here is the deal...while out fishing in a remote area someone broke into the truck and stole my phone/wallet/i pod....ect,,,,,

I have been w/ Sprint for years, and actually have been pretty happy w/  them.

My phone was the LG plan is an older one that I  like....w/out a data plan. Never need one.

My question is....

What's the best sprint phone w/ out a data plan needed to activate?

How can I get the rumor 2 again, being that it's discontinued?

If I could just get one I would be happy as a clam, but they seem to be hard to come by these

What i have seen is that a new phone will cost me over 200$...


I can pay off my account/plan for $130 and start over again, meaning I could look at At&T or other carriers.....

thoughts or help?

Anyone have a Rumor 2 they would like to sell me?

Totally bummed....

any why can't sprint "track" the phone? to find the thiefs?

anyhow thanks for any info you may be able to send my way.


Stolen phone and plan Question...

@VEECOSTONE1  Sorry to hear that your phone, wallet, etc., was stolen.   If you haven't already, you need to call us at 1-888-211-4727 ASAP to report your phone stolen so that we can disconnect it to prevent unwanted charges.  You can also go to 

Do you subscribe to our Total Equipment Protection (TEP) option?  If so, you can go to to file a claim and get a replacement phone.  

Have you checked out our LG Rumor Touch, Samsung Restore, or Samsung Seek? If you go to, you can check out our current lineup.  Although several phones require our Everything Data or Simply Everything plans, not all do.  You can also visit your local Sprint store to see the phones in person and get the associated service plan information. 

Also, another option is purchasing one of the refurbished phones available on our website.  These phones are Sprint Certified Pre-owned devices and have been inspected, remanufactured and tested to meet or exceed all Sprint quality standards.  

Have you checked your upgrade eligibility?  You can go to to see when you qualify for an upgrade discount.




Stolen phone and plan Question...

Thanks for your reply....

I used to hace the TEP for years...but once my phone got so out dated i dropped the plan....maybe I shouldn't have.

Could you provide me w/ a list of phones that DO NOT require a data plan?

Does the rumor touch require one?

How could I just buy the Rumor2 again....

I am thinking about  just paying off my's cheaper than buying a new phone...and maybe just looking around at other carriers.....seems to be a lot of promotional offers out there.(AT&T)

If I call and cancel/stop the old phone would it change my account?

What a mess...never thought this would be such a hassle.....I hope the guys that stole my phone get busted.

thanks again for your reply.

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