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Switching from T-Mobile to Sprint [Opportunity?]


Switching from T-Mobile to Sprint [Opportunity?]

I am currently an owner of a T-Mobile Dash, made by HTC (Taiwan). It is running Windows Mobile version 6.1.

Until yesterday, I had a mostly positive user experience in terms of retrieving contacts from my contact list (in the cell phone) making voice calls or sending text msgs.

The cell phone was left to charge overnight.

Early in the morning, I had to make an urgent and critical phone call.

The cell phone was already on and fully charged.

I pressed "Contacts".

The cell phone gave me a blank screen and took me to "Windows Live".

In a nutshell I did not see the contacts list come up on the cell phone screen.

I turned the cell phone off and then on.

Same result.

I thought that perhaps the contact list will come up if I sync my phone with my laptop and then download all the pictures from the cell phone. Goal was to increase available memory space.

The sync feature which had been working perfectly until yesterday did not work as expected. Even though the "Mobile Device Center" (running on the desktop) showed that the mobile device was connected, a popup appeared indicating that Windows was searching for an update to fix the "problem" (not sure what).

Anticipating that there were memory issues I did the following:
a) Purged "deleted text msgs"
b) Deleted a handful of pictures (since I was not able to download the pictures)
c) Went to the Accessories folder to "clear storage". Upon starting that process (clear storage), I was prompted to enter the code "1234".

As soon as I entered the code, the cell phone showed the T-Mobile logo against a whitish background screen; the same type of screen that one encounters when the cell phone is (re)booting up.

The T-Mobile screen remained the same and the booting process remained in a hung state.

At this point I turned off the device and then powered on the device after a minute.

Then I saw the following:

Cold Boot Config

Configuring Device...Please wait

Finally the boot process completed and the default screen came up.

The contacts list showed up but I could only see a subset of the contacts that I had previously. Most of the newer contacts seemed to have been lost.

Let's return to my original goal at the start of this thread.

I had wanted to make an urgent call using my cell phone (leveraging a number that was already on my contact list).

I wondered: "Can I really take my world on a cell phone"? Is this really true?

Or is it a perception that does not yet match reality?

Is this a user scenario that was not previously encountered by the QA team?

If I sign up for cell phone service with one of T-Mobile's competitors, is there way to leverage my SIM card on my current cell phone so that I don't have to manually reenter all that info into the new cell phone?

As the user I don't know if it is possibly to duplicate the issue. At the same time, I am not satisfied with intellectual responses such as "Not sure why that happened..."

While I am not requiring assurance that this issue will not occur with a Windows Mobile or non-Windows Mobile phone, I am trying to tap into the Sprint community's collective wisdom to learn if, based on (extended or extensive) device testing, Sprint is confident (relatively speaking) that such an issue (or variant) is less likely to occur.

And use that as an incentive to make me switch over to Sprint from TMO. Plus any other talking points regarding the overall value prop.

If anyone at Sprint sees this email and would like help me out and lead me towards signing up as a new customer, feel free to drop me an email at [email removed]

I have been a TMO customer for over 9 years and I have not been thrilled with either the cell phone call quality (high number of dropped calls) nor their customer service (esp for "loyal" customers).

Thanks for any insights.


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Re: Switching from T-Mobile to Sprint [Opportunity?]

Personally yoru questions are too technical for my knowledge but from a service standpoint I would stay away from Sprint........

I had At&T for 15 years (yes it was various company names along the way but currently it is at&t).

Never had dropped call problems, had relatively few equipment problems and when I did they were handled promptly and correctly. Two years ago my husband who works in construction convinced me to switch to Sprint/Nextel because he did not like the selection of phones At&T had...(not rugged enough).    And it has been the absolute worst two years of service I have ever experienced. I am counting the minutes until FEb. when my contract is up.

We have had nothing but problems.  We have three phones on my account, my hsuband and I and my mom. When I am talking to my mom and we are both on our sprint phones..........we dropped the call at least three times a phone call. Mys husband and I both constantly drop calls.

I could not get a signal in my home, when I tried to complain the stupid sales girl was like "yeah we have problems in that town there are a lot of I lived there when she sold me the phone......... " After a year and half complaing their only solutionis for me to pay $100 for an airwave and a $5 monthly service fee...., My Samsung Rant phone is a piece of garbage phone - they have replaced it four times......and every time I go in the service center is rude, pretend to be shocked this has happened and give me a hassle and accuse me of do something to the phone. 

I get mysterious internet download charges on my bil - when I don't use the internet on my phone and the download times are in the middle of the night when I am sleeping so I am not accidnetly going online..................  Then they will refund $25 of the charges (which were four times that amount) and act like they are doing me a favor. On the phone they will tell me the dates and times of the downloades but when I ask for a printed statement of that they tell me it is not possible to get that info................

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