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Transfer of Liability, Upgrades, and Credit Checks


Transfer of Liability, Upgrades, and Credit Checks

I recently had my credit run and I got approved for 3 lines $0 deposit/$150 Spending Limit.  The account I am on now is 2 lines $100 dep/$150 spending limit and I want to take responsibility for my own line and add a line.  The issue is I have 5 months left on my contract and 3 months until my upgrade and I think I have to sign a new agreement when I transfer.  Is this correct?  It would not be a problem because I love my service and plan, but my phone has literally fallen apart.  I am in desperate need of a new one, but I can't afford retail.  Is there anyway I can upgrae early when I do the transfer of liability or should I wait it out and pray my phone doesn't break completely.  I dropped my insurance because the $100 replacement didn't seem like a deal, because now u can order refurbs through now anyway for cheaper.  Any advice is welcome!!


Re: Transfer of Liability, Upgrades, and Credit Checks

If you transfer the lines to your account  they come with the contract an upgrade dates they currently have   You are taking responsibility for the remainder of the contract and to pay any bills incurred while you are liable for them.  Transfer of liability will not set where you can get a early upgrade  you are able to buy a refub however  this does not effect the upgrade date. 

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