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Why is my first bill so high?


Why is my first bill so high?

Hi, I'm a new customer, last month I enrolled with Sprint, I bought the iPhone 5, at that moment, I had to pay $213.99(taxes included), my plan is "Everything plus plan-500 Anytime Minutes Included", I have the SERO plan included which gives me a $10.00 discount, so in total I was supposed to be paying $69.99(plus taxes) monthly, instead of that I receive my bill in the amount of $191.03!!!!



Re: Why is my first bill so high?

Good morning,

The first months bill will always be a bit higher as we bill a month in advance. I would be happy to pull up your account to verify that everything is set up correctly and that the charges are correct. If you private message me with your phone number and your PIN, I will get on that right away for you.

Talk to you soon,


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