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switiching account names


switiching account names

How can you switch your phone off one account to your own??

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Re: switiching account names

do a search for change of ownership in the search bar... it should be this link of ownership&id16=change of ownership

make sure both parties fill out whatever

if it's YOUR account and you want to create a seperate account under YOUR name that will be a problem

but if you want to simply move one phone from a share plan or something and make it it's own plan you can have a CSR do that in minutes.


Re: switiching account names

do you have to be 18 to switch/transfer an account under a different name?


Re: switiching account names


Thanks for your post. I understand you are inquiring if you have to be 18 or older to have a Sprint account under your name and the answer is "Yes". This is a requirement for Sprint post-paid service and a credit evaluation is required to establish service.

Thank You,

DePaul W.

Sprint Social Care Team

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