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unlock galaxy s2


unlock galaxy s2

how do you unlock your galaxy s2 after you have forgot your password


Re: unlock galaxy s2


Sorry to hear that your device is locked. Generally when you lock yourself out of your phone, it gives you an option to input your gmail account and password. If you are not able to recall that information, then you will have to reset the device. If you reset your device, you will lose your information such as contacts and messages. Pictures should be stored on your SD card along with your music. To reset your device, you may take it to a Sprint Service and Repair center or follow the directions listed below:

  1. Turn off the phone 
  2. Press and hold the Volume UP button and Power button until the screen lights (more than 10 seconds). 
  • A triangle with an exclamation mark will be displayed on the phone screen.
  1. Release buttons once the Samsung logo screen appears. 
  2. Scroll through the menu and select wipe data/factory reset by using the Volume Up and Down buttons. Press the Power key.

  1. Select Yes -- delete all data by using the Volume Up and Down buttons. Press the Power key.
  1. Select reboot system now to cycle the power off and then on with restored factory settings. Press the Power key.

  1. The device will complete the Reboot process and then Restart. This may take a few minutes.



Re: unlock galaxy s2

no dont do that with phone on pull battery let sit for at least a minute then put back togeather and do all of the above EXCEPT WHEN THE SCREEN COMES ON SCROLL DOWN TO WIPE CATCHE scroll down by using the volume button this should clear it without loseing all your info.

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