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Airave 2.0


Airave 2.0

I have an Airave 2.0 and my Galaxy s3 will rarely connect to the airave service, why is that?


Re: Airave 2.0

I have an Airave 2.0 and it worked for awhile, now it will only work for 10-15 minutes and the the top 2 lights go red and wont work. Internet connection is good, just Airave decides when it wants to work. Make no sense to me.


Re: Airave 2.0

LeeWBolte and Xavier22664,

Hi there. I am sorry to see that this has been a problem. I would recommend unplugging the Airave for about a minute and then plugging it back in. It will take a few moments to fully reboot. Try a call again and let me know if you have any further issues.

*Andi R.

Sprint Social Care Team

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