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Airave 2.5 won't connect to Galaxy 5

Re: Airave 2.5 won't connect to Galaxy 5

Please see my post above... Yes, Wi-Fi calling was tried, but it basically doesn't work. The network connection has been forced to CDMA.

So what's new here is that outgoing calls are routed through Airave. Incoming calls are not.


Re: Airave 2.5 won't connect to Galaxy 5

Give up on sprint. I have had an issue with my G5 and the airave all year. The wifi works only half the time, it chews up the battery. I had them ship me the newest Airave and it is no better. I want to drop Sprint, but they insist on charging me a $700 cancel fee, even though I have been a customer for 13 years. I am a dead zone. They won't admit this of course and insist I am in a "grey zone". LOL! Without the Airave I get NO BARS! With it, I get NO BARS, or sometimes one bar.
I have taken great (and I mean GREAT) pleasure in steering many of friends and customers away from Sprint.
Just waiting for my contract to end so I can switch.
Trust me, they could care less about your situation.

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