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Configure Airave 2.0 with Windows 2012 Server


Configure Airave 2.0 with Windows 2012 Server

We know our Airave 2.0 works as we used it in a different network setup. We use Windows 2012 as our DHCP/DNS server. We have a NetGear R7000 router used for wireless access, port forwarding, firewall, etc. The router ( is plugged into cable modem and is plugged into main switch along with our Server (

We gave the Airave a LAN IP of and disabled the DHCP. We want to be able to configure it easily with a PC on the local LAN.

We set the Airave WAN interface to IP of, gateway = and DNS =

The WAN port of the Airave is plugged into the LAN port of the router.

We port forwarded ports as UDP: 53,67,68,500, 4500 on router to IP

We confirmed Internet access for the Airave using Ping test and Broadband light is solid green.

The mobile light goes to blinking amber. We do not need GPS.

What is configured incorrectly?


Re: Configure Airave 2.0 with Windows 2012 Server

spporbar - We would like to assist you further with this issue. Please send us a private message in regards to this. Click on the link for assistance sending the message. - Robert
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