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3G Airvana Hookup


3G Airvana Hookup


I just got a 3G Airvana to replace my old Samsung Airave.  Unfortunately for me, I am part of a broadband study through (FCC comissioned) and they provided me with a router that has "special sauce" inside it.  According to SamKnows all my traffic is supposed to go through the router they provided.  Can I hook the 3G Airvana behind it and make it work or do I have to hook it up in front of the router I'm using now?  I can post a diagram if needed.


glad to know those instructions worked for a couple isn't working for me.  My Airave Airvana arrived on Friday and I configured everything this morning but it still has not connected to Sprint's network.

I really do not want to put this device in front of my router, but I may not have any choice... 😠



In addition to those directions try this:

- while in Airave's admin page, select SETUP tab

- while under SETUP tab click on "Use Static IP Address" and add the desired IP address as well as the default gateway address

          IP adddress 192.168.X.X

          Subnet: 2550.255.255.0

          Default gateway: 192.168.X.X

or if we use Justin's example then:

          IP adddress


          Default gateway:

This did it for me. The Airave has been running with no issues all week. Hope this helps!


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... it helps if Sprint activates the unit, which is easily handled once you know to call Airave Tech Support at 866-556-7310.  Unit now operational and I have full bars!


From what I see, it's a hit and miss when trying to fix the AiRave. In my situation, giving my AiRave a static IP address and adding it to the DMZ did not work. However, when I enabled the IPSec Passthrough option, my AiRave started to work. I disabled the DMZ and power cycled and the AiRave worked just find with the mobile solid green.

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