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A Serious Airave Problem....Flaw?


A Serious Airave Problem....Flaw?

I’ve had the Airave for over a month now, and have yet to get the issue resolved.  The issue at hand, is calls breaking up, as if I had bad reception and also consistent dropped calls.  Today I called Sprint again, and they are going to escalate the ticket, but when I was on hold I found something.

I found the IP’s which the Airave were connecting to.  I logged the flowing: UDP Outbound UDP Inbound UDP Outbound TCP Inbound

I started to ping them.  27.375ms Good  242.080ms   WTF?  87.784ms  Better  272.577ms   Again WTF?

So now I ask, why are the two Inbound so bad.  Maybe a Lookup will answer.
IP address:
       Host name: is from Australia(AU) in region Oceana

2.    IP address:
       No host name is associated with this IP address or no reverse lookup is configured.
       Error:Host not found is from China(CN) in region Southern and Eastern Asia

So my incoming connection from sprint is from Australia and China.  No wonder my calls suck!

So now I ask what IPs do the rest of you guys connect to?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: A Serious Airave Problem....Flaw?

I'm no expert, but every machine I have connected to the Internet has inbound connections coming from the Asia-Pacific area as well as Eastern Europe.  There are hundreds of thousands of bot-infected machines over there seeking new hosts to infect.

Printer, Unix box, Airave, whatever.  They're all getting scanned by bots.

The address is expecially popular with bots - I see multiple reports about it on various internet threat detection boards.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: A Serious Airave Problem....Flaw?

I’m no expert either, I can understand the loads of incoming connections, but I can’t understand a second established and active outbound connection to someone other than sprint. 

The Airave was on the DMZ of the router, so I took it off and only forwarded the ports that it is supposed to use.  This helped, but I still had the”bots”looking for it, so I changed my IP.  I now only show one active outbound connection from the Airave, once it is done initializing.



Re: A Serious Airave Problem....Flaw?

Hmmm, I have yet to hear about anyone hacking an Airave.  Since it looks like the connections are inbound, with the Airave not responding, my guess was you were port scanned.  While I wouldn't say it was necessarily impossible, it is very unlikely that anyone checking for unlocked doors on an airave could compromise anything.  However, all the same, it wouldn't be a bad idea to block the entire subnet for incoming connections from your router.  Port forwarding wouldn't have helped in this case as it instructs the router to forward any public ip connection on a given to a private ip behind the router.  The ip address starting with 208 and the is Sprint's.  The 208 is more than likely the authentication server or load balancer.  This ip really isn't that important as you won't have to sustain a data stream from it.  The would be the important one as this links to the VOIP server.  Just for kicks, you can run a Tracert to this ip and see what the total hop count / location of the server is.  It should automatically assign one that is close geographically to where the Airave is located as latency is key.

Normally, the real cause of broken audio is closer to home.  My best guess is the issue is the network connection between the airave and the voip server.  But, in the interest of being thorough, make sure the sound isn't distorting as the audio is breaking up and dropping.  If this is the case, check the signal when the call drops.  If you see a signal fade indicator, then we need to either reorient the location of the airave, get an engineer to adjust the power output, or a combination of both.

Going with my first impression, if the sound is broken, in the sense that you are losing parts of the coversation and distortion is not present, this would normally be due to an interruption in the data stream of some sort.  I would run a voip test such as the one here .  It should measure jitter, latency, up/down stream, and overall QOS.  I have run into certain situations where the router is the source of the problem.  This week alone I've seen a DLink and two Netgears that just decided to stop creating the VOIP tunnel, but otherwise were fine.  I have also seen routers that work, but are extremely unstable when it comes to maintaining a VPN connection.  The ones with the fewest problems I've seen thus far are the Linksys WRT54GS2s (and no I don't get kick-backs from Cisco ).  If the VOIP test checks out, then If possible, I would take the router out of the equation and see if you see get the choppy audio.  This should give us a place to start...

Let me know if I can help!



Re: A Serious Airave Problem....Flaw?

hey guys-  I had an issue with my airave dropping calls and being choppy and would cut out when on a call.   after lots of hours with the airave tech dept guys and exchanging for a new unit,  we determined it was my router signal was going up and down in signal strength, I replaced my 8 year old router and and the airave was running strong smooth.  I love the Airave.

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