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Airave 2.5-Network Light Red


Re: Airave 2.5-Network Light Red

Your support team my find this PDF file as helpful in supporting the Airave 2.5 / 2.5+

I have created it from the Airave internal router software and have added pint-screens for all pertinent areas.

The current setting shown are for my Airave which I have plugged into my switch, which is connected to my High speed router.

It seems to be working fine and this is the only way to bypass most of the problems noted on this site.

The main problem when using the Airave connected to the existing router or a switch connected to the router using the WAN RJ-45 port, is that the Airave firewall defaults have the "inbound services" "blocked", you need to open the TCP/UDP services to the gateway IP address of the existing router. you can check this out in the document provided under "content filtering - firewall rules", also I didn't need to but you can put a check mark in the enable box for each entry.  I also, on my main router set the MAC ID of the Airave to a static IP address in "maintenance - router status" as  This way by leaving the settings as DHCP for the WAN port, it will assign that IP address assuming that the main router has DHCP turned on.

I hope that this will help, if not let me know and I will see if I can resolve or help.

Thank you in advance.

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