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Airave 2.5 prevents Youtube videos from playing.


Re: Airave 2.5 prevents Youtube videos from playing.

I have the Airave 2.5 and ever since my Youtube doesn't work which I need in order to learn how to do some if not most of my calculus problems. This has become a real problem for me. Even my chemistry tutors want me to watch videos on YouTube but the Airave is preventing me from doing so. Please fix the problem. I tried to unplug the airave and connect the internet straight to my computer but then the Airave made it so that the internet won't work without the Airave! Thi makes me really mad! The Airave was suppose to help me with my problems not create more problems!


Re: Airave 2.5 prevents Youtube videos from playing.

I do not have a separate modem port! there is only one port on my charter cable modem it is currently being occupied by the AirAve 2.5 and from the AirAave 2.5 it i connected into the computer. It would be nice if there was an extra port on the modem but there isn't so please fix this problem another way thanks.

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