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Airave Failure Fix?


Airave Failure Fix?

I am one of many who are having GPS problems with my Airave. I had an Airave with the VOIP light that bricked and got a new 2.5 sent to me this past week. Immediately I started to have problems. I called the Airave support number several times since I got my new Airave and have talked to Curt, Donnie, and a female in Texas; I have also talked to Patrick (not sure where he is). While they were all very nice, they haven't been able to solve the problem. They have all told me that the update for the GPS lock is not working and that Sprint techs and people from Ericsson are working on getting a good update. I've had several updates sent, but none have really taken. (I've also had Donnie and the female tell me that they would call me back and haven't, but that's another issue. Patrick is supposed to call me when he returns to work on Wed, May 29th - we'll see if that happens.)

If I can manage to get all four green lights, it doesn't last. I ran the GPS up a windowsill about 3 feet above where my old Airave's GPS puck had successfully been working before it bricked. The female on the phone even told me to take the GPS and put it outside to see if that would work (not the smartest thing to mix electronics with the rain we regularly get and I can't do that where I live anyway.)

Currently, the GPS light will periodically go back to the blinking red and then the Sprint Phone Connect "modem" shows red for the signal, which means the home phone doesn't work. In other words, I have no service even though I'm paying for it. My cell phone might work but only when I go outside and walk up the street. I've even sat in my car by a local Sprint store in order to get decent service and have had crappy service there, too, but at least it stays connected. I need to have my cell phone and home phone work since I have family members that I need to be reachable for.

When will this problem be fixed? I really do not like paying for service that I'm not getting. I also really do not like having failing service that results in disconnected calls all the time when it was momentarily working. Promises to have decent service at some point whenever a good update is figured out and sent out are getting old. A credit would be nice, but a fix that actually works would be nicer. I really have liked the Airave when it worked and would like to stick with Sprint, but the problems I've had recently don't make me happy. I really do not want to go back to Verizon and I certainly don't want to try AT&T.

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Re: Airave Failure Fix?

And I continue to have problems....I finally gave up on the Phone Connect and turned it in since I can't get service without the Airave working correctly. It would be nice for Ericsson and Sprint to figure out what is going on and fix this. It's infuriating.

Check other threads. Lots of people are having this problem. I don't like being lied to when I call in and talk to still another Sprint rep who tells me that they haven't heard of this problem at all (basically saying that it must be me because it certainly isn't other people) when it's a HUGE problem that many customers have. What a great example of poor customer service, Sprint, since you can't deliver what you are selling and your reps are useless. They either don't know what's going on, they lie, or they blame this on the customer? Wow.


Re: Airave Failure Fix?

I can understand your frustration with the Airave unable to lock a signal.  Airave 2.5 devices are set to have a patch pushed down as well as the latest software that will be available mid July through mid August.  When these upgrades are implemented, service on the Airave will improve.


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