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Airave Issue/Suggestion


Airave Issue/Suggestion

I've had the Airave for a few weeks and it's been a godsend being able to make calls in my own home again. The only things that bothers me is that, my phones will sometimes disconnect from the Airave late at night and I would have to power cycle my phone for it to reconnect to the Airave.

A good suggestion is also when connected to the Airave that the carrier name be changed to something like "Sprint Airave" like how users of AT&T's Femtocell, it will say "AT&T Femtocell" instead of just "AT&T".


Re: Airave Issue/Suggestion

Have you tried dialing *99?  That will tell you if you are connected to Airave or not.  Also, when your phones disconnect from the Airave, is your internet at your house working properly at that exact time?  I suggest doing an internet Quality of Service test.  Maybe the Airave is dropping the connection because the internet which it depends on is having issues?   A good test page is: - Make sure you run it while your computer is plugged directly into your modem/router and not through WIFI which will give inaccurate readings.  Quality of Service has to be 80 percent or better.  Jitter needs to be 5 milliseconds or less. 

Once you rule that out, we can do some troubleshooting here.  You can always call in to get help with your Airave if you dial: (866) 556-7310


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