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Airave Question

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Airave Question

I'm having trouble finding info about the Airave.  How does one go about getting an Airave?  What are all the costs involved (if any)?  I switched to Sprint in February of this year.  According to Sprint's coverage map my home is located within a "Best" coverage area, but apparently the map is not correct.  Outside my home I *might* get 2 bars on a good day, and inside my home I get 1 bar if I'm lucky.  If 2 bars outdoors is considered "Best", that's pretty darn sad.  Back in March I brought up this issue and a Sprint rep asked me to zoom in to street level on the coverage map and verify my address is in the "Best" area...and said they would open a network ticket if I am.  I let the rep know that I'm definitely well within "Best" coverage according to the map...but I never got a response and signal never improved, so I'm guessing a ticket was never opened (or if it was nothing was done to improve things).  I'm sick of poor to no signal at my home, especially when I'm supposed to be in a "Best" coverage area.  I can't really afford an ETF on 3 lines, so am curious about the Airave.

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Airave Question

If you have high speed internet - call in and select option 4  - then option 4  then option 2 to get to technical support.  You can also make sure your address is eligible by going to . We will send you out a free Airave and there is not a monthly fee to use it.


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