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Airave Works Great


Airave Works Great


I called Sprint on Wednesday and told them to look at the coverage map and it shows I am in a gray area and I keep getting dropped calls. They sent me an Airave for free and no monthly service charge and no shipping charge. I received it on Friday. The set up was confusing using the user guide, because it talks about using it with the broadband modem then the wireless modem. I called Sprint and was transferred three times until I received Willie in Miami. (Tec Supports direct number for the Airave is 866-556-7310. )

Here is what to do if you have a wireless router. Unplug your routers and connect your Ethernet cable the wireless router then to your Airave. Plug in your the GPS antenna into the Airave. Then plug in your broad band modem then plug in your wireless modem. Then plug in your Airave to the wall. All the lights should start blinking. The GPS light and Broadband light should stop blinking soon. The mobile light will take about 20 to 25 min to stop blinking and then you are ready to use your cell phone.

Note:  If you plug the Ethernet into the broad band modem and you have a wireless router the Airave broad band light will just keep blinking and the system will not work.

The first call I tried to make with 5 bars was to an A T T cell phone and it would not ring or connect. I called my home phone and it worked fine. Called the ATT phone again (family in Houston) and it worked fine. Now the broad band goes in and out once in a while and I go back to one bar when that happens. But over all the Airave works great!  I never have to look for the Airave on my cell phone.  It automaticly picks it up.

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