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Airave does not work with my wireless network!


Airave does not work with my wireless network!

I'm at my wits end.   I have been trying to set up this Airave for 3 days now.   I have spoken to at least 12 reps, all of which had no clue on how to fix the problem I'm having.  One who destroyed my router by going into my computer remotely and clicked on something that wiped out my IP address.  I had to go out and purchase a new router at the recommendation of the rep who told me they would credit my account.  I was told to purchase a Linksys since they were the easiest to configure.  When I did purchase the router they then told me they would only credit me $50.00!  They ruined my router, admitted to the mistake then won't pay the full cost to replace it!!!!!  In addition I have lost 2 days of work because when connected to the airave I completely lost all Internet capability.  My modem had to be reconfigured with a new IP address as well because of this.  All in all I have spent 3 days on the phone with router, modem and airave tech people trying to get my home office network up and running like it was before I started messing with this machine.  I had accomplished getting the network set up yesterday with the new router except for my wireless printer.  When I reconnected the NEW router to the airave I lost all wireless capability AGAIN!!!!   When I try to find the network on my PC it tells me I'm on a dial up connection???????   Therefore I cannot connect to my laptop or printer.  I have spoken to a supervisor named Nick (ID X964065959) who rudely dismissed all I have been through and suggested he connect me to the cancellation dept.  I guess Sprint doesn't appreciate my business and on time payments.  I just recently purchased a $250.00 phone which gets 0 service in my home, office or out and a out.  Literally 1 bar on the phone.  I get dropped every other call it seems.  In fact I got dropped about 5 times while waiting for a service tech to help me.  TALK ABOUT FRUSTRATING.   So here I am waiting for yet another person, this time a manager, to call me back only this time it will take 72 hours.  So I guess I will have to bypass the airave and reconnect my network to the router as it was to get my office running again.  No compensation for the time it has taken for me to dismantle my office 3x.   If I have to cancel my contract with Sprint for lack of service who will reimburse me for the $250.00 phone I just purchased which can't be used with another carrier????   My question is:  How can they sell a phone and a contract knowing that the area you are in has limited cell service????  Shouldn't that be disclosed???   I am going up the chain of command until this is rectified.


Re: Airave does not work with my wireless network!

Same issue here! And no one can help me! This is quite ridiculous! I think I may also be going up the chain for this one. Something MUST be done. I've been dealing with this since JULY and no one has been able to solve my issue yet. Does Sprint care any more?

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Re: Airave does not work with my wireless network!

Hi Jaquelinesh -

That really disturbs me as my husband and I have been loyal sprint users for 4 years. That was 4 years of attempting to use our sprint service in place of our landlines here at home. We too, have the same troubles of only getting one bar and dropped calls all the time.

yet, we can walk 10 feet away from the house and get a signal...move to the right, it drops. It is so incredibly frustrating that I actually make most of my personal calls while at work on my cell phone. I also tell my associates to call me during the day at work not at home.

Hubby and I discussed requesting sprint PROVIDE the Airave free of charge but he has gotten nothing but the run around. They keep telling us we have strong signal. We keep telling them we don't.

Add to my concerns what you have shared here and we have just set up wireless connectivity. I sure don't need a boatload of nonsense with sprint.

Thank you for sharing your experience and I hope you meet with success in your fight. You deserve to win.



Re: Airave does not work with my wireless network!

I don't mean to be condescending here, but I'm also a VERY internet-savvy person who's had 10+ years of experience with building computers, using internet/networks, and troubleshooting reading your story caught my attention...

Firstly, the issue with your router...there's NO WAY that you ruined your router by clicking through something in the 192.168.*.* screens...the ONLY way to ruin the router is by placing firmware on the router that doesn't belong, or trying to use a DD-WRT firmware on the router that doesn't support DD-WRT files...that's it. Unless the router was junk to begin with, you're NOT going to harm your router by simply changing things inside the settings area ---- PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

(please excuse me for being blunt, but I want to insure that I'm taken seriously and sincere, as I know firsthand from dealing with literally HUNDREDS of routers in my years of work)

IF, and I mean IF all else fails, you can restore your router to factory defaults by pressing a very small button in the back of the router. It normally takes the tip of an ink pen or something small to get to the button, and I don't mean just plugging & unplugging the router. I mean a full factory-default of the router itself, where it reverts back to it's out-of-box it was when you first bought it.

Then the modem for your internet..these are similar to routers in that they have a small button on them as well, in the rear of them where the cat5 cables and power cables plug in. All you have to do is reset the router & modem to factory defaults, and start over with setting up your home network. First thing to do is get your modem to working properly. You NEED TO KNOW if you have a static IP or dynamic IP address. Most people have a dynamic IP unless you SPECIFICALLY ask for a static IP -- static IP's are used mostly for gaming enthusiasts and people in business-settings. Second, you need your log-in info for your Internet Service Provider. This would be your username, password and any other info provided to you at the time you signed up for internet service. If your modem has a place to type-in the username and password, normally by connecting the modem strait to the computer and going to the IP address in your browser of, then place your username & password in these fields inside the modem. The connect the router to your modem as you normally would (which means removing the line from the modem to the computer, plugging this line into the "Internet" port of the router, then running a cat5 cable from one of the four available hard-wired ports of your router back to your computer. Once this is done, you open a browser and log into the router's firmware page, and each one is different. Belkin is, Linksys is, netgear is usually, but if you read the sticker on the back of the router, it will tell you this address you need.

Once you log into the router, you can set the router up as needed by your home network...normally a router is set to have DHCP handed out automatically, it's also set to have a dynamic IP address unless your specifically set your modem to be bridged, then set the router to do the PPPoE handshake. If that makes no sense to you, then yes, your going to set the router as a dynamic router.

I would be willing to bet money that I could use your router without even a hitch, and nothing was wrong with it to begin with. You may have modified a setting that caused your home network to quit responding, but resetting the router to factory default (holding the hidden button in for 5 to 10 seconds while it's plugged in) would easily fix this issue. If you have lights when you plug in the router, then chances are the router is FINE. Plug the router in, let the lights quit blinking, then turn it around (WITHOUT UNPLUGGING) and use a pen to hold the hidden button in for 10 seconds or so. You'll see the lights on the router blink, all of them at once, and this is what clears out everything and resets the router to default. Once this happens, you can set the router up and use it like you did when you first bought it.

Here's the bottom line as I see it...Sprint did you a great favor. By them essentially paying for part of your router, (they paid for the old one, you chose the new one on your own, and FIFTY BUCKS is QUITE ENOUGH for a router, as I just bought one 2 weeks ago for 39.99) they have went beyond the call of duty. By doing their best to help you out, and with your non-technical know-how of routers and modems, you've messed up your network...and they have gone beyond the call to try and resolve it. I would be willing to bet money that I could walk in, set up your modem, set-up your "BROKEN" router, and set--up your Airave, all within a 30 minute period or so...because I have been setting up network for years and never encountered but a handful of routers and modems that were actually BROKEN. These didn't have ANY lights that worked on them, and when plugged in, they got extremely hot, or smelled like burned plastic.

You are getting extremely irate at the wrong people here, it's not Sprint's fault that you aren't well-versed enough in network setup to complete your installation of a simple router & modem. You should be upset with yourself for causing yourself all this hassle, as you're the person who is in charge of your home network.

AGAIN, I want to reiterate, I'm not trying to be condescending here, but I have YEARS AND YEARS of experience in this field, and I know how to set a home network from the ground up. I bet I could walk you through this on the phone (Sprint isn't in the home-nework business, they are in the cell phone business, and they are not going to have staff that is technical enough to know how to set up EVERYONE'S home network.)

Re: Airave does not work with my wireless network!

First I want to congratulate you on your expertise in your field.  The clear fact is this:  The router, and the wireless network WORKED before the Airave went in.  Everything in my home office worked fine.  The minute the Airave was connected it went down.  The Airave only worked with the main PC.  In addition its clearly stated that the Belkin was "junk", as you refer, AFTER this ordeal.  I spent time on the phone with BELKIN who couldn't get the router up and running.  We tried the factory defaults and nothing.  AGAIN.. the router worked prior to the tech gaining control of my PC remotely.  After trying everything we could to get the router up and running and failed Sprint gave authorization to purchase a New router and recommended a specific brand stating that the Airave worked well with this specific brand.  There was no mention of a cap of $50.00.  I went out and purchased the new router at a cost of $125.00.  Your missing the whole point of this and that is

1: If Sprint provided the service they ask me to pay for every month I wouldn't need an Airave and therefore would have saved myself the time and expense of losing days of work.

2.) Sprint techs had NO idea how to fix the problem therefore they shouldn't be in a position of customer tech support.

  3.)After installing the NEW router and getting everything up and running again the network went down AGAIN after reinstalling the Airave with the new Valet router!   So riddle me this batman... ???  Why did the Airave wipe out all wireless capability with the NEW Cisco Valet router????   In fact I had to call Cisco and they TOO had to manually put in another IP address to get it up and running again. 

Then to add insult to injury I had a tech person email to let me know they possibly sent me the "wrong" Airave.  The new Airave they have might work better with my system he said...  I requested an RA for the Airave since I am not putting myself through this again.  That was 5 months ago. .. the Airave is still sitting waiting to be picked up.  I called 2 times to follow up and decided it's not worth wasting any more of my time.  In addition I never received my $50.00 reimbursement back for the new router either. How's that for customer service???   I had to spend 2.5 hours of my time at the local Sprint store this last week trying to get this rectified along with the Palm Treo I have that doesn't work.  I left after 2.5 hours with a phone that still doesn't work.

Sprint is doing ME a favor is the biggest joke..  My phone and Internet access is my livelihood.  I lost money those 3 days the system was a mess.  Who is going to reimburse me for that?  I hear VERIZON ~~~~ calling my name.  I hear you get what you pay for there.

You might want to decifer this mysery then call Sprint ~~~ maybe they will hire you unless you are already a spokesperson for them to begin with.


Re: Airave does not work with my wireless network!

Well, as foolish as things may have been handled, there comes a responsibility to users as well as people who work with these companies, and sometimes it's a hard lesson to learn, but always do your homework on things you aren't sure of, never heard of, or are unfamiliar with. Google is VERY FRIENDLY.

There's such a rush to hurry up and wait that sometimes the rushing into the unknown results in the outcome that you achieved.

It may not always be possible, but most times it is usually pretty easy to become an expert in your own studies of hardware and devices...I mean, when you buy a new cell phone, it's a given that you don't know everything about a new cell phone when you first buy it, but within a week or so, you're pretty well-versed in how to use it, and within a month or so, you've figured out ALL the bells and whistles on it..the same goes for other things that you purchase or add to your home.  Some disagree and find that they shouldn't know anything about the inner workings of their modem, router, computer or other devices, but when they tear up, they are moaning and griping because customer service isn't johnny-on-the-spot with helping to fix it. If you take the time to study what you're getting and how it works, then you already know how to fix problems that you encounter.

I haven't even received my Airvana yet, but I'm already reading manuals online and looking at issues that other people have encountered, although I've had the Samsung version for over a year now...the Airave 2.0, or Airvana, isn't here yet and I plan on knowing SOMETHING about it before I connect to my network with it. It's MY place to learn what it does, how it works, what it requires in bandwidth, and what problems it may have/how to solve those problems before I ever open it.

I don't appreciate the assumption that I'm some sort of employee or whatever, but I look at the big picture as well...before people buy cell phones, you HAVE to know someone that also has the same service as the one you are looking to buy, and you've heard they may or may not work in the area you live in. I don't know of ANYONE who doesn't have friends with cell phones, or at the VERY LEAST, a person they can say "hey, does your phone work HERE?"...and I live in a VERY rural area that only has about 8,000 people in it, and we've only had DSL internet for 2 years. We don't even HAVE a cable TV provider, and have NEVER HAD CABLE here. The ONLY option is satellite TV, and we're VERY lucky to even have DSL..but that's beside the point. People here know whether a cell phone works in this area or's very easy to find if my buddy goes out and buys a T-mobile phone, even though they don't work well here, then it's his own fault for doing it, because he has had friend come over to his house with T-mobile phones that complain about not having service inside his he knows it won't work already. Why would someone think that their encounter would be any different?

I don't work for ANYONE, except for my wife...she makes enough that I"m able to be a stay-at-home dad for now until our youngest starts kindergarden, then I'll finish college for myself...but I do build computers and such for people, and before I start building a computer, I READ READ READ! I know the in's and out's of the computer that I"m building, and I know what it does / doesn't do. I know all sorts of details on the computer that's being delivered to me tomorrow by UPS, and what I'm going to do with it before it's been on order since last Thursday, and I've already studied up on it and know the details of the motherboard, how many slots it has, how many SATA ports it has, how much RAM it will hold...and I don't even have it yet. It's part of being tech-savvy and part of wanting to know what you have. What good is all these electronics if you have no idea how they work, or how to solve problems with them without holding a phone in one hand while you try to fix a problem. I want to solve my own issues, not have someone talk me through it on the phone, mainly because I hate being on the phone.

My final words are; To each his own...

I prefer to take the time and learn what I"m dealing with firsthand, not be told via the phone what I've got or how to operate my devices.


Re: Airave does not work with my wireless network!

Well if Sprint is in the cell phone busincess would it make since that if you purchase a celll phone that you want to use from hokw and they say no problem, you get home charge and waalaa works great for 8 months and then nothing... Sprint says your cell coverage is at 90 % but your lucky if you get 1 bar from the same place you were 8 months ago when you had 5 bars.... Who then is responsible????  Seting up a network and dialing a phone number from the same phone you've used for 8 months in the location and the is no cell tower signal all of a sudden, It has nothing to do with a homenetwork......


Airave does not work with my wireless network!

It is clearly evident that you did not do your homework prior to making a futil attempt of connecting the Airwave.  Your router is fine and was never damaged by Sprint.  All routers can be reset to factory out-of-box condition by depressing the button located on the rear panel.  Each router has specific direction on how to reset and you will need to refer to your manual.

Airave has done wonders for me!  It takes awhile for initial setup but after that, it is seamless.


Airave does not work with my wireless network!

The thing is a white plastic piece of free junk.  They have replaced it and it still doesn't work right. All green lights  but the phones WILL NOT connect to it. My wifi works fine. Everything  looks like it's set up perfect, from my end, to their end, and yet not one  Sprint phone will connect to it. They have tried reprovisioning it,  replacing it, opening ports on my router, attaching the external GPS,  hard resseting it, applying the extended range coverage, turning phones  to Sprint only. My friends have Sprint and their phones will not connect  to it either. What is wrong with the thing? Please help. I'm down ot my knees pleading for a solution.


Re: Airave does not work with my wireless network!

Since I've never had any trouble -- with the Samsung version or the Airvana version (and had both for quite some time), I'm not relevant on troubleshooting the device. It sounds like your ISP could be causing some issues, and depending on what the connection type is (DSL  -  Cable ) might be tracked back to your provider blocking certain traffic on the DSLAM or CO.

even if it's establishing a connection on the certain ports required and the green lights are telling you it's ready, the traffic going back to the ISP could be what's causing the issue. It just negotiates the IP addy and checks for internet connectivity..then the light turns green and says ethernet is good. I'm pretty sure it doesn't send test packets to see if they ping or traceroute.

You might could try admin log-in to the Airave, I believe the internet IP is, but I'm not sure on the credentials.

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