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Airave install with dual/combo Comcast modem/router; effecting wireless. Help!?


Airave install with dual/combo Comcast modem/router; effecting wireless. Help!?

I have a Comcast combination modem/router. I set up my airave connecting the modem/router to the WAN port on the airave. I was able to get four solid green bars and my phone was working great, however my wireless internet began clicking in and out and not every hour or so, more like every forty-five seconds. I restarted the modem and reinstalled the airave several times trying to resolve this issue, but the only thing that seems to work is disconnecting the airave.

I have pretty fast internet and based upon my understanding of the airave's requirements this shouldn't be an issue.

I have been reading posts on this forum and I think I have to try and connect the router/modem to the airave and connect my computer to the airave so my router is behind my device (?), but I am not really sure what I have to do. I have tried tech support, but gotten little help. Because my home phone is through the internet and my cell phone doesn't work in my new house, I'm kind of in a black hole here.

I'd love it if someone has step by step, idiot proof directions for connecting an airave to a combo router/modem when connecting it according to Sprints directions is causing issues with your internet. Thanks!


So I moved the airave as far away as I could from my modem/router and it is working perfectly. My iternet is great and my phone is working as well. I guess the two devices were interfering with one another. So if anyone is frustrated with the same problem, that was my easy fix.

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