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Airave interferes with Home wireless connections


Airave interferes with Home wireless connections

I just installed the Airave device this week due to a failed tower in my area and have been getting decent reception now on my phones.  I installed the device per the directions.  The problem now is that all the wireless devices in my home  have become sporadic and weak with many dropped conncetions.  My wife and son have intermittent wireless connections with thier tablets, laptops, and desktop computer.  Iknow it is the Airave device because the problem went away after I unplugged the power from it and it resumed again after plugging it back in.

I installed the device as per the instructions.  It is plugged into my SMC wireless broadband modem supplied through Brighthouse networks.  Connection is made from the back of the modem into the WAN port on the Airave.  What do I need to do to prevent this from happening and get my home back online reliably?

Thank You


Re: Airave interferes with Home wireless connections

Your best bet would be to separate the two devices as far as possible, or try changing wireless channels on your wifi router. Most default to channel 6. Try changing the channel to 1 or 11 and see if that helps.

FYI the "standard" maximum CAT5 cable length is 300ft.

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