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Airave issues - Texting


Airave issues - Texting

A couple of weeks ago i installed an Airave in my house. I get good coverage, we have (5) Sprint phones, the problem is now that we now are getting text messages from non sprint customers the are not returnable. The numbers have a "+" sign in front of the number. We are also getting some text messages that the numbers are all "0"'s.

Support help desk was useless. They said that this maybe a known issues and people are working it. So, i'm asking if Sprint support knows when the "fix" is coming. I'm paying for a service the is not meeting the advertised expectations.



Re: Airave issues - Texting

Agreed! User beware! I got an Airave about 6 months ago and started having the same issue with no text phone number id on incoming texts. The text phone number is usually all 0's or sometimes all 9's. Interestingly enough, my wife has a Palm Pre and she does not have the same problem! Very frustrating because people that you know assume that you get their caller information and know who they are. That is, suprisingly, not the case. I get a lot of texts like "Do you want to get a drink after work?" or "What are you doing tonight?" etc, etc but I don't know who sent it! Argg. It is not acceptable. After serveral nerve racking calls to sprint in which the tech support person that had me turn my phone off and on, "ok, now remove the battery and leave it out untill I tell you to put it back", etc etc, I fianlly got connected to an Airave expert that finally told me that this was a known issue. Ready to pop to say the least. Again, my wife's palm pre doesn't have this problem but the Airave expert couldn't tell me why or which phones are affected by this TECHNOLOGY problem. Sprint says that my phone is out of warranty so I should upgrade to a palm pre since I know that it works. Hmmm....two more years of this service and a couple hundred bucks for this level of service? I'm looking and waiting for the new AT&T Microcell. live4fish

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