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Airave not getting GPS fix


Airave not getting GPS fix


My wife and I just moved.  I had my Airave plugged in for a bit while I was setting the network up but before our Internet was hooked up.  Got a GPS fix in 15 minutes or so.  Keep that fix for about a day after our Internet was hooked up and worked fine.  Since then it has not been able to get a GPS fix and the sys light has been solid red or blinking fast.  The GPS light is slowly blinking.  I know I can get a GPS fix in the building since

  1. the Airave got one earlier
  2. my standalone GPS gets one
  3. my phone gets one
  4. my wife's phone gets one

Anyone have a clue what is causing the problem?  I don't need it for signal like I did at the old place, but I am paying the $20 a month for the unlimited minutes within Airave coverage so I would like to be able to use said minutes.


Re: Airave not getting GPS fix

Well, after 3 days it finally got a GPS fix and is working.  I hope it doesn't go out again but I fear it will.    

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