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Airave not working with Qwest

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Airave not working with Qwest

I switched to qwest (from comcast) for my internet service.  However, when I connected my airave to the modem the system light blinks red.  I've already reset it a couple of times and it works fine for about 5-10 minutes and then the system light blinks red again and I can't get any phone service in my house.  I have a first gen airave so I'm wondering if I need the newer model in order for it to work?

Has anyone else had this problem or possibly know why it's not working with DSL?  Tech support told me that the internet signal was too weak and told me the speeds needed for the airave to function properly which I have more than enough of.  So I don't know what the deal is.


Airave not working with Qwest

Good evening,

I would be happy to assist you with your Airave unit. There are several factors that may play a role when you have a System light which is flashing red. Although you may have the upload and download speeds necessary to run the unit, there are other requirements for the internet service which must be met for the Airave to fully function. So that we may assist you, please contact us at: Airave Technical Support 1-866-556-7310. Please have your phone number and account security Pin number available when you call.

We look forward to speaking with you!


Re: Airave not working with Qwest

I have same problem and tried to resolve with Airave tech. support. They don't know how to fix it. They recommended calling Qwest and asking them to downgrade my modem. Final offer I get from them was return or keep device as is. This is poorly engineered piece of electronic. I will not blame Airave tech. support they are trained to fix certain problems. Sprint is responsible for releasing maybe working device to their customers. We are still great test area.

I have most advanced modem from Qwest Q1000 and Internet is running stable and continuously. Problem is modem/router in one. Airave was designed work between modem and router. Other disadvantage of this device is long rebooting time. To make it work, I must power off Airave two, three times a day. Wouldn’t you like it? Sprint doesn’t charge anything for device and service as well with my plan. This is only reason why I still struggle with it. I have many dead spots in my house and some outside. I don’t care who my cell phone provider is just need coverage, I can rely on. 4G is working inside house better than phone service. I live in highly populated area in the city.


Airave not working with Qwest

Thanks for the info!  After 8 1/2 hours of going back and forth between Sprint, Qwest, re-booting my airave, doing modem and router configurations I came to the conclusion that the Qwest modem wasn't going to work with the airave and decided to stay with comcast internet.  Which I found out having only internet with them doesn't increase the price that much and it's not much more than qwest.  My airave works great with comcast.  It only takes maybe 10 minutes to re-boot when hooked up to cable. 

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