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Airave not working


Airave not working

I have had my airave for almost 2 years & have had no issues until now.

I have gone through all of the troubleshooting suggestions; as well as resetting the router etc.

The power button blinks green & the VoIP Phone & Broadband blinks yellow.

Any suggestions? I am getting frustrated & dropping calls!


Re: Airave not working


That is troubling and we need to get this fixed, I dont want you to be frustrated. Are you still able to acess the internet? Let's try reversing the order of powering on the AIRAVE and the cable or DSL modem can often resolve this problem.

To reverse the order, follow these procedures: 

  1. Unplug all cables and power cords from all devices. 
    • You can unplug devices in any order.
  2. Connect all Ethernet and GPS cables as described in the Programming Instructions
    • Important: Do not connect any power cords at this point in the procedure.
  3. Plug the AIRAVE into a power outlet. 
  4. Wait four minutes. 
  5. Plug your cable or DSL modem into a power outlet. 
  6. Allow provisioning time and GPS fix.


Sprint Social Care Team


Re: Airave not working

I'm having the same issue, and it's been since Octoberish.  I tried the steps above, and my box still looks like a dysfunctional Christmas tree with all the blinking lights.  Do I just need a new box?


Re: Airave not working


Thanks for posting and we apologize for not responding to your question. To receive a faster response in the future, please live chat with us at have you also tried reaching out to our Airave support team to trouble shoot the issue?

Morris L.

Sprint Social Media Care

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