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Airave used with other VPN device - Multiple Airaves


Airave used with other VPN device - Multiple Airaves

I have very poor Sprint Coverage in my home which, it looks like, will never improve.  (A new tower covering the many new homes in this area is really needed)  To "help" I have 2 Airaves to cover the home and surrounding area.  The connections are as follows:

  • Airave 1 connects directly into the premise router/modem provided by the ISP.
  • Airave 2 connects into a Switch then a Wireless Router (Belkin 750 dual band) using the number one wired port on the router.  That Router is connected into the premise router/modem.
  • An additional Cisco router (used for work) also establishes a VPN and is connected into the premise router/modem.
  • Airave 1 and Airave 2 are on different IP networks.  ( and  The Cisco is on the 0.1 network. 

Despite having one or two operational Airaves, I still have a significant number of calls where communications is impossible due to dropped calls or one side not being able to thear the other party.  This occurs whether one or two airaves are connected. 

In MOST cases, with 2 Airaves, I have sufficient connectivity to the phones (I get the beeps indicating coverage, although I may only have 1 or 2 bars - even when only a few feet from device!)  This coverage, however, doesn't guarantee communications.

I have  50MB down / 5MB up service from the ISP and no jitter or dropped packet issues.

I believe the issues may relate to multiple VPNs, perhaps using some of the same ports but question that if they are on different networks.  I am open to any suggestions.

I have been with Sprint for about 19 years and have been pleased with the service and the coverage, good times and bad.  At least until I moved to Florida almost 2 years ago.   However, repeated calls to try and resolve this problem have been met with people who don't have a clue and are not helpful.  As a result, I am simply biding my time until I have an acceptable termination fee and leave Sprint for another carrier who has better coverage.

I am hoping, however, that someone may be able to tell me how we might set this up so that the Airaves and my other equipment can co-exist and, perhaps, the Airave can provide adequate coverage in our home.  If it can work, I really have no compelling reason to change.



Re: Airave used with other VPN device - Multiple Airaves

The big problem I can see with multiple Airave's on the same home connection is that they both end up sharing the same public IP address.  From my experience, the Airave ends up ultimately communicating over UDP port 4500 for both the source and destination ports.  With multiple Airave's on the same internet connection without assigning unique public IP addresses to the Airave devices, return packets arrive on UDP port 4500 but your router doesn't know what device to forward them to.  Your Cisco VPN may also be using the same ports as well depending on how the VPN establishes it's connectivity, so you're right that it could also very well be your home VPN breaking the connection.

I'm using five Airvana's at work and I had to assign unique public IP addresses to each of them. 

Try this...  unplug both Airave devices for a short period of time, then plug only one of them back in.   Does the single Airave work?  I realize you already mentioned you've tried with one or both connected.... but were they both connected and then you simply unplugged one?  If so, unplug both, wait a bit, and plug one back in and see what happens.  Assuming you've already done that and even the single Airave doesn't work, then yes I would say it's your Cisco VPN breaking the connectivity.  It won't matter whether they've got them set up on different networks on your internal network, the part that breaks your connectivity is having them all sharing the same NATed public IP address that your ISP hands out.  To get it all working, you'll probably need multiple public IP addresses. 

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