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Airave using Fios Any help?


Airave using Fios Any help?

Could not have Airave to work contacted Sprint/Airave support for over 4 weeks now with ovetr 20 hrs discussions ! & still Airave does not work I am having Fios verison.  Frustrated with Sprint since we at home have 4 cell phones with only 1 bar at most!. All lights are green except mobile amber !!

Please help!



Sorry you are having this issue if you would go to

Jitter  (Must have LESS than 5ms) if more you will need to contact your internet provider

% packet loss (Must have LESS than 1% packet loss)

Quality Of Service (Must have a Quality Of Service above 80%)

The basic requirements for the Internet Service Provider (ISP) speeds are:

Minimum of 1megabyte (1,024kb) for download

Minimum of 350kb for upload

If you are getting all the requirements you can private message me and we can assist you further.

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