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Airrave keeps losing GPS Lock


Airrave keeps losing GPS Lock

I recently received the new version of the Airave.  My old Samsung model kept it's GPS lock and never lost it.  Since I have had the new one, the GPS light seems to be blinking constantly.  If I reset the device it locks in but usually within several hours the light starts blinking again.  The device is in the exact same location as the old Airave and I have even attached the external attena now and moved it around a few times and still no GPS lock.  Any suggestions?  My concern is that sometimes when I return home from being out my phone does not pick up the Airave unless I reset the Airave and it obtains a GPS lock.

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Airrave keeps losing GPS Lock

Do you have the external antenna extended the full 30 feet or how long is it extended? If this issue persists send me a private message and I will see if we have assisted as well as standard GPS lock. 


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