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Airvana doesn't work properly!!!!


Airvana doesn't work properly!!!!

After countless calls to Sprint regarding the Airvana's problems, no solutions have been offered.  The techs don't know anything aboout it other than following their little instruction sheet.  No efforts have been made to fix any of the problems.  Further, after asking for follow up, none!  Not a call back, nothing, no more effort.  This is where Spring really dropped the ball on customer service!  

The problem: If it's plugged directly into the router, it slows the upload speed of one's internet connection and, worse, causes constant stalls in the internet connection - a disater for anyone that needs a constant and consistent connection.  When plugging it into the router, calls are dropped in no defined amount of time. 

Sprint offered it as a solution to the dead spot I live in as a last resort to letting out of my contract.  Well, it didn't work, but Sprint still decided to not let me out of the contract so I'm living with dropped calls - always!!!!!  I tried to stay with them for the customer service, but the true colors came out - another bad service, greedy company with service managers that are likely the arrogant punks one sees in the mall.  The airvana department NEVER once followed up to fix or check on the issue.  Unbelievable that a company would force you to stay in a contract that offers poor service.  Outside of my city coverage is fine, however, here at home with the airvana - no luck.  I will not continue service with Sprint because of the way they handled (or failed to) this issue. 

Why no effort to get this working, the blogs and discussions are filled with complaints!

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