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Airvana not working with my AT&T 2wire router/modem


Airvana not working with my AT&T 2wire router/modem

Hello all,

I'm having a major headache trying to setup my Sprint Airvana (Airave 2.0). I bought the Airvana from a Sprint Store near my house about a week ago, and have been trying to make it work ever since.

I have a 6Mbit/s internet connection provided by Regular AT&T (i.e. NOT U-Verse, just plain DSL), and use the AT&T 2Wire DSL Gateway Model 2701HG-B wireless router+modem (a 2 in 1 system) that AT&T provides for that service, and no matter what I've tried nothing seems to fix the problem I'm having: the Broadband LED indicator stays solid green, but the GPS LED indicator is blinking green, and the Mobile LED indicator blinks green for the first 1.5 hours after setup, but then changes to a blinking amber after that. The VoIP LED indicator is off throughout everything (no LED effects at all), but that makes sense, since I don't subscribe to that service or any other VoIP service.

For Future reference, the order of my setup goes: DSL Line -> 2wire -> Airvana, with the Airvana's WAN port connected via the provided ethernet cord to one of the 2wire's four rear ethernet ports, I have my computer pluged into one of the other available 2wire ports via a second ethernet cable.

In terms of device placement, I have both the Airvana, and the external GPS placed up against a window. During all of this, I made sure that I tried all the set-ups and all fixes I attempted both with and without the external GPS device plugged in. In terms of timing, I have made sure that I gave the device a full 2 hours to try and make the connection after each setup and problem solving attempt. I tried setting up the Airvana system as the included insturction booklets described, but that's when I encountered the problem I listed above. The next thing I did was look around the sprint forums, trying some of the solutions others had (i.e. manipulating the settings via the computer interface [ related stuff], hard reset, and powering the device on and off), but still the same problems. I found that in the case of tweaking the IP addresses and such, the Airvana didn't want to stick with my own IP address, and I couldn't figure out how to open up the ports and register the MAC address of the Airvana in the 2wire's computer interface, so I may not have gone down that path far enough.

I've tried calling tech support, and the only thing useful they've told me is that they were able to confirm that the guy who activated my Airvana in the Sprint Store did it properly, at least from what they can see on their end. I checked my account online, and the device does show up, but when I dial *99 from my phone it tells me that "the feature code you've entered is not valid, message one, switch two-eight-five" and then it ends my call.

One final note, one of the times I was on the phone with Tech Support, all the LED's randomly turned solid green for about 5 mins. Even in that case however, I saw no improvement in my phone's reception, and neither I nor the Tech Support person were doing anything or had done anything that should make that happen - it just lit up, but didn't give even a moments increase in any actual signal (and I was standing right next to it the entire time with my phone).

I am completely stumped as to what I am supposed to do. I desperately need the signal strength this device is supposed to give me, since right now I only get 1 bar in my house (2 on a cloudless day, while next to an upstairs window). If anyone knows how to get this type of configuration working, I would be so Greatful!

Please Help!


Airvana not working with my AT&T 2wire router/modem

You MUST have a GPS lock for the Airave to work properly. As long as the GPS keeps blinking green, the device will not work. It is not just for E911 service. It is critical to it working. Is the external GPS antenna attached and in a windows with no obstructions to the sky (including metal screen)?

Re: Airvana not working with my AT&T 2wire router/modem

Thanks for the response,

I tried removing my metal screen as you suggested (leaving the GPS plugged into the Airvana, and doing another hard reset), I also opened up my window all the way too, but I'm still having the same issues.

Any other suggestions?


Airvana not working with my AT&T 2wire router/modem

Let's see if the GPS is working at all. Can you put the Airave AND GPS receiver completely outside with a huge view of the sky? Run an extension cord outside and hook it up. Do not worry about the internet connection. Power up and wait up to 15 minutes. Does the GPS ever go solid green?

Airvana not working with my AT&T 2wire router/modem

Hello again,

I tried your suggestion: GPS works fine outdoors (solid green within 2-3 minutes), just won't stop blinking indoors.

Where should I go from here?

Thanks in advance.


Airvana not working with my AT&T 2wire router/modem

It is imperative that the GPS work for the CDMA timing on the Airave. If you bring the Airave indoors but leave the GPS outside in the same place, does the GPS light stay solid green?

If yes, then it is a matter of placement and you will have to experiment with trying different locations that are not obstructed or have walls nearby that could be reflecting the GPS signal.

If no, then the antenna could be bad and needs to be replaced. Airave support would probably replace the entire unit.

Airvana not working with my AT&T 2wire router/modem

Hello again,

Turns out it was a placement issue, but now I have a new problem:

The only way for me to get the device working, is to open up my window that's near my router. Ordinarily this might not be a problem for some people, but for me it is. My router is located at the ground level of my home, and as it is right now, even having my window open just enough to let the GPS line out, won't let me activate my alarm system (which I need to be able to do). I also looked into fishing the GPS line out of the same hole that my telephone wire comes through, but because of the way that the wiring was done, this isn't very feasible, and if I wanted to drill a small hole through my wall to enable this, I would need to hire someone to make sure that I wouldn't be drilling through anything important, as the house I currently live in is pretty old.

I'm trying to think up additional solutions to this problem, but it's starting to look like if I proceed any furthur, this whole thing is just going to become a money-pit, and honestly, I'm only getting 4-5 bar coverage (out of 6) in maybe 1/2 of my house, while the rest is still 1-2 bars, and no improvements if I'm outside.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

Airvana not working with my AT&T 2wire router/modem


I returned my Airvana yesterday, the problems couldn't be solved in any effective way, so I guess I'm out of luck until I move someplace else (no idea when that will be though). Thankfully, I was able to do all of this within Sprint's 14 day return period, so at least I'll get my money back after all that effort.

Anyway, thanks for your help GeekOfTexas, it was much appreciated.

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