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Airvana slowing upload speed?

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Airvana slowing upload speed?

A couple of Airvana questions. 

When I plug the Airvana WAN port into the cable modem and my wireless router into a Airvana LAN port, I notice my upload speed on the computer is lowered to less than half the normal upload speed.  The wireless phones seems to work okay, not losing every call as before - but slower upload speed.  However, when I plugged the Airvana WAN port into a open port on the router (the router plugged into the cable modem), the upload speed was normal (but I lost most calls after a period of time).

Also, I still haven't figured out why the mobile light on the Airvana blinks (green) frequently even though no one is on a phone in the house.

Anything?  Thanks.


Accepted Solutions

I am in advanced tech and advise you to contact Airvana Support at 866-556-7310.  I am sure they will give you the fastest most accurate information on this issue.


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I am in advanced tech and advise you to contact Airvana Support at 866-556-7310.  I am sure they will give you the fastest most accurate information on this issue.


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I have noticed the same thing.  Because of a monitoring program I participate in with the FCC, I can see in my logs that at the exact time I installed the Airvana, the upload speed went from around 6mbs/sec to less than 1.  My download speed has taken a slight hit; but not as big as hit as my upload speed.

I called the number OKIESTRO recommended.  The tech basically said, "tough luck; it's a tradeoff between if you want to use the Airvana, or, have good upload speed as it depends on your Internet."  (Asked twice for clarification on that last part of the statement.  She swears the Airvana is eating your upload bandwidth regardless of whether calls are in use or not.)

I asked if I could put the Airvana behind the router.  At first she said "no," but then went and talked to someone and agreed that I could try that.  So, going to try that now and see if it makes a difference as she is calling me back soon.

Side Note: as for your blining Mobile light, mine only blinks when a cell phone is in use.  Maybe one of your neighbors are on Sprint and are connected to it?  (Maybe they have a teenager who is on the phone all the time? )


Update: kudos to sprint.  The Sprint Rep did follow up with me later that day.

Moving the Airvana to behind the router seems to be working great.  My upload bandwidth is back to where it should be.  My sprint call quality is great.  I have actually even given it the "fire test;" when the sprint Rep called me, it was on my cell phone which was going through the Airvana.  At the same time, I had a Skype call going, as well as a go-to-meeting going.  The Internet and the cell phone call all worked great.


I was reading your post on the Airvana and putting it behind the router. Being a novice at this, how is this done? We have the same issues you were experiencing and we are ready to try anythning to improve the performance. Thanks.


To avoid the data side of the Airvana I switch my devices to wifi when I am home - If you notice the voice usage is a very small amount of bandwidth - Here are the specs for device - Hopefully this will clear up or answer some questions about how much degradation you would have- - also here is link for setup Setup instructions for Airave behind a router

  • Internet Speeds Required
  • Individual bandwidth needs vary per customer.
  • Sprint recommends a minimum of 300 kbps (both upstream and downstream) for voice services and 3 Mbps downstream and 1.8 Mbps upstream for data services.
  • The following table shows recommended bandwidth by usage type:

    Larry ~ OKIESTRO


    More than happy to help, RMXGURU.

    It's a piece of cake...

    • Unplug the power from everything, including the Airvana, your router, and your cable modem.
    • Unplug the network cables from the Airvana and plug these back in the way they were before you got the Airvana.  This means that you run a cable from your Cable Modem to your router directly, instead of sticking the Airvana in the middle.
    • Run the yellow network cable (or, whatever you are using - color does not matter) from the WAN port of the Airvana to one of the ports on your Router.  These are the ones numbered 1,2,3,4, etc.  It does not matter which port you use.
    • Plug the power into your Cable Modem and wait for all the lights to become normal / steady.
    • Plug the power into your Router, again, wait for the lights to become normal / steady.
    • Plug the power into the Airvana.  Wait for the lights to go off, then, start blinking while it does whatever it has to do.  It can take something like 2 - 4 hours for them to become solid (Broadband, GPS, Mobile should all become solid).  However, if I'm just "rebooting" everything, I've seen the Airvana come alive in under 10 minutes.
    • You should be good to go.
    • Side Note: Once in awhile, the Airvana doesn't seem to boot up right; I'll get funky some on / some off lights.  If this is the case, just unplug the power fromthe Airvana, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in.

    That's it.  Probaby more detail above than needed, which makes this look complicated - but, it's not - you can do it.


    I was just struggling with this same problem, and I believe I've found a more comprehensive solution -- one that allows you to get nearly your full upload speed while preserving data priority for cell phone use.

    The short form:

    1) Log in to the web config page for your Airvana. For mine, this meant pointing a web browser at, then entering username "admin" and password "admin" at the prompt. It's possible that different units have different defaults, but my spidey-senses doubt it.

    2) Click "Advanced"

    3) Click "QoS"

    4) Enter the actual maximum uplink bandwidth for your connection. In my case, the default entry was 768kbps, a pretty reasonable value for most DSL connections, but pretty low for cable or fiber broadband. If you're not sure what upload speed your connection gets, the surefire way to find out is to connect your computer directly to your broadband modem, then test at

    5) Click "Apply"

    For me, this totally resolved my upload speed problem within just a few moments, no reboots/power cycles/voodoo incantations required.

    The gory details:

    The "QoS" setting we're messing with here stands for "Quality of Service," which is a method used by networking devices to prioritize one type of data use over another. QoS is what your Airvana uses to make sure phone conversations get all the bandwidth they need, even if your computers and other devices are using the internet connection heavily at the same time.

    That's why Sprint directs you to configure the devices in this order:

    Broadband modem == Airvana == ethernet/wifi router == all your other devices (computers, tablets, game consoles, etc)

    If you set it up this way, the Airvana is able to act as a traffic cop, so when you're using a cell phone through it, basically it tells anything coming from your router "whoa whoa whoa slow down there, voice packets first."

    Here's where the default settings cause the upload speed problem initially described:

    Based on speed test results I saw before and then after the fix I described above, it looks to me as though the implementation of QoS in the Airvana needs to be clued into your broadband connection's actual upload speed in order to know how much to reserve for voice.

    I ran into this when switching from DSL to cable (specifically because I need more upload speed for home office stuff). When the cable guy got here and I hooked one computer directly to the cable modem to verify the connection, I was pleased to see very consistent upload speeds of 2.3mbps (a big step up from the 896 I'd had before).

    That done, I then hooked the rest of my network to the cable modem, Airvana first, router behind it, computer to the router via wifi. Because I'm compulsive, I checked speeds again, and found to my dismay that uploads were now capping very consistently at 710 +/-10 kbps.

    About an hour of cable-swapping, hardware-resetting, "Airvana upload" googling later, I hit on the fix, and it looks like a winner -- upload now consistently testing at 2.15mbps. I surmise that the Airvana is consistently setting aside ~150kbps for voice use, as indicated elsewhere on this forum, but is not automatically setting aside bandwidth for data (you should put your phone on wifi when you're at home, anyway - better performance for less battery drain). But I stray.

    Why not just put the Airvana behind the router? That seems easier than logging into a config page and changing settings.

    Probably, and in many cases it'll work just fine, as ProactiveMan has experienced. If you've done that, and you haven't had voice quality problems, ain't-broke-don't-fix.

    The drawback is this: if you place your Airvana behind your router, it can no longer act as traffic cop to give voice packets the right of way -- it becomes just one more device hanging off your router, fighting it out with your teenager's video chat and xbox and bittorrent theft of intellectual property and such.

    Hope this helps! Sprint, feel free to add this to your help files if you like. No charge


    Thank you HurtReynolds.  I did change the settings as you said, we'll see how it goes.  I am seeing a faster upload speed as you described, a little inconsistent though, but better.  I'm still seeing some stalls in actual internet loading, but I'll watch and see what else I can adjust as I go.  Overall, airvana doesn't seem to be a great unit, not as reliable as the airave.  Hopefully Sprint will find another unit to replace soon.  Till then, hopefully better now and thanks for taking the time to reply and explain!



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