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Apple Airport Express won't work with Airave 2.5.


Apple Airport Express won't work with Airave 2.5.

I recently received my Airave 2.5 and hooked it up per the quick setup sheet.

Comcast broadband service > Motorola SB6120 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 eXtreme > Airave 2.5 > LAN1 Samsung TV

                                                                                                                                          > LAN2 Apple Airport Express

Initially I connected the Airave, waited for all lights to go green. I then tested the phone functionality with success.

Second I connected the TV and was successful in getting internet connectivity and streaming video.

Third I connected the Airport. Initially I got connectivity (solid green light)  but it only lasted for a few minutes of test surfing, then I lost connectivity and got the flashing amber light on the airport.

Disconnected power to everything and started from scratch eliminating the TV due to reading online that the Motorola SB6120 sometimes has issue with DHCP and prioritizing 2 devices. (beyond my knowledge aside from understanding the concepts outlined in the post) I assume since the Airave has two LAN outputs it is functioning as the router to split the signal from the one WAN input / modem.

Unfortunately, this configuration also failed to maintain internet connectivity to the Airport. This time I actually wasn't able to connect at all thru the Airport and immediately got the flashing amber light on the airport.

So, I took the Airave out of the loop and went back to Modem direct to Airport and have had functioning internet with no issue. (I previously didn't have the TV connected to the internet because I didn't want buy a router.)

Tech support has been unhelpful. Their only suggestion was to plug the modem into LAN1 and the airport to WAN. This didn't make sense to be based on the documentation nor did it create a functional network. I really don't feel like sitting on hold again for ages to get non useful suggestions so I thought I would try here.



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