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Bridged Connection?


Bridged Connection?

I've read through the instructions for the Airave device and thought I could put my own twist on things. First of all, I have a small home network with a linksys router connected to a Comcast modem. Everything works fine. My computer on the other hand is connected wirelessly to the router and has a great connection.

Does this wireless connection count as broadband speed? What I really would like to know is if  I can simply use this device by plugging it into the ethernet port on the back of my computer that is connected wirelessly. I am running Windows 7 and I have bridged the connection between the wireless connection and ethernet port. The "Broadband" light is a solid green so I figured that was a good sign, but on the other hand the "Mobile" and "GPS" lights are still blinking green. I am not too concerned that they are still blinking because the user guide said that the process could take up to two hours? Has anyone elses took two hours to complete? As I said before the "Broadband" light is green so I should be good to go, correct?

Thanks in advanced for the help. It is much appreciated. I hope you guys understand the question.

Erin J


Bridged Connection?

Hello ejohnson19_sprint,

Please let me know if this issue has been resolved, or if the problem is still being experienced. I would be happy to assist you.

Thank you,


Bridged Connection?

the first setup took a few hours but gps should not be blinking, try attaching the exteral antenna to a window should see a change in the gps right away.

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