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Calls on airave go silent, difficult to connect...


Calls on airave go silent, difficult to connect...

I've had my airave for 2 days. I have difficulty starting calls. Then when I manage to initiate the call I can talk for about a minute. The call doesn't seem to drop. The call timer on my phone continues to count. The issue is that the call simply goes silent. I hear nothing.

Has anyone experienced this issue or know of a fix?

I have the airave in the DMZ.

I have tried it on 3 different router models (2 different brands).

I have tried it on two different ISP's at two homes.

Same results no matter what I try.

Thanks in advance.



Re: Calls on airave go silent, difficult to connect...

I have identical symptoms.  This started about a week ago.  We have four handsets at home connecting through an airrave.  All work fine when away from home.  Incoming calls do not ring on the handset.  Instead, we get a voicemail notification that we have missed a call.  When we make a call, the call normally connects okay for the first 90 seconds, and then the sound goes dead.  The connection timer continues, but there is no sound at all.  The handset shows five bars of signal.

I have tried cycling power to the router and cycling power multiple times to the airrave.  This does not clear up the problem.  What's odd is that the airrave has worked fine for the three months or so that we have had it.  Then this problem suddenly started about a week ago.

I will call Sprint customer service eventually, but I would rather try fixing it myself first.  It may be problems with FIOS and/or the router, and I'd hate to go through the hassle of having Sprint send out a new Airave before trying "soft" fixes first.

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