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Can I make my iPhone ignore Airave


Can I make my iPhone ignore Airave

I currently have an iPhone 4s and live in an apt building. One of my neighbors has an airave and my phone is always connected to it when I'm home. As a result my call quality is extremely low. When I leave my building and go out to the parking lot my phone connects directly to the tower and makes phone calls perfectly. Is there a way to block my phone from connecting to Airave's? I know when I hear those 3 little beeps that my experience is going to be very bad. I really wish Sprint would get rid of those horrible little boxes from hell.


Re: Can I make my iPhone ignore Airave

scottjhilt Thanks for posting with us. Since you do not own the airave, the steps I would provide to put restrictions on the device isn't possible. The only route now is for you to request your neighbor to limit the amount of connections to the airave and put restrictions on the device. They can receive help with our airave support team by dialing 8865567310. This will be for the technical team with airave support. *David S Sprint Social Care
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