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Can someone else's Airave affect my call quality???


Can someone else's Airave affect my call quality???

I've recently developed horrible call quality while in my house with the iPhone 4S.  The phone works fine as long as I walk down the street a bit.  I've done the ##update# with no improvement, and had Customer Service do a remote update with no improvement.  The phone works fine when away from home though, so I don't think it's a phone issue.  Over 8 months ago, on my old Blackberry, and on my new iPhone I suddenly started getting 3 beeps before connecting an outgoing call.  After some research, I suspect this means one of my neighbors has an Airave.  Next, I did a little experiment....I walked down the street far enough to make a call that did not start with the 3 quality fine!  I then walked back to my house while still connected on that call and didn't have any call quality issues.  I'm assuming this was because I was connected to the tower, and not the Airave.  I'm not that technical a person, but does this make sense??? And next, how do I solve the problem??  I can't walk down the street everytime I want to make/receive a call!!!  Any help would be appreciated!!!!


Hello and thank you for using Communities.  Actually, you did quite well in trouble shooting the problem.   Are your calls inside your home being accompanied by the same triple beeps now?  If so, then yes it does mean that you are within an Airave coverage zone more than likely.  This can be confirmed by dialing *99, talk which is a code that only the Airave understands and you'll hear a message stating, "You are now within Airave Coverage."  The tower will render, "The code you've entered is invalid." 

If this is the case, there's only a couple of options. 

  1. Adjust your neighbors Airave.  I know this is not ideal but a ticket can be created to "reduce" the coverage footprint of that Airave, however, your neighbor would have to request it. 
  2. Have you neighbor "re-locate" the Airave to a location in their home that becomes farther away from your home. 
  3. We can send you an Airave if you have cable or DSL internet at home. 

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a way to force your phone to "not see" the Airave's coverage except from a PRL (Preferred Roaming List) update.  But since you mentioned that you've already completed the ##UPDATE, this also updates your PRL and we'll assume it's already current. 

Let us know,


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