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Has anyone gotten the NEW Airvana Airave Access Point to work with Sprint Family Locator>


Has anyone gotten the NEW Airvana Airave Access Point to work with Sprint Family Locator>

I have had a Samsung Airave since the first day they were made generally available.  At my home, I get one bar of a Sprint Roaming partner's service, and I have seen soneone carry on a conversation by setting their phone on the ground, and standing no closer to it than 4 feet.  We are supposed to have better service, but that is what we get.

The old airave was great until it died, second week of August. Sprint said they would send me a replacement one in 5 or 6 business days.  It was sent 2 day UPS, but was not sent until the 31st of August.

It arrived DOA. After several days of me hassling with the Airave, Sprint agreed it was DOA despite the fact that I could arping it  I was told that there were no longer any Samsung Airaves, and they would be replacing it with a Airvana Airave Access Point (AAP).

I have a tin roof, so I must use the external Antenna to make the AAP work.

When I used to use the SFL service and someone was at home, I would get the position of the Airave and a radius, which I guessed was the AAP's rated range.

But now, a phone which is getting service from the AAP simply never works when I query it with SFL.  It always takes a long time and then says the phone is turned off.

Has anyone seen a sprint phone work when it has service from an AAP and no access to GPS, directly?

A positive answer, (yes, this works for me)  would allow me to tell sprint that my AAP is broken.

A couple of negative answers would allow me to push on customer service for a general bug fixA

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