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Help needed with Airave 2.5


Help needed with Airave 2.5


   We have very poor signal strength in the lower portions of our home. We have spent numerous hours on the phone with tech support for the Airave units and have had zero luck in getting this puppy to work. Sprint support techs have been extremely patient and understanding for us, but nothing seems to work. Here's what I have. The cable internet comes into a basic RCA modem (One jack in the back of the unit). The ethernet goes from there into the Airave's Yellow WAN connection. One Lan port is connected to a Linksys wireless router. The other Lan is hooked to a Mac desktop. We are getting wireless signal on all of our devices but the network light is solid red and the mobile light is flashing red. GPS and Internet are solid green. We've tried everything we could think of. Voip testing revealed some less than perfect results but the tech support said that it should still be connecting. I allowed them remote access to change settings and they spent hours doing numerous things. Still nothing. I'm not real savvy with the mac systems but didn't know if anyone else had this problem and knew how to correct it. I tried contacting my ISP support and they were pretty rude with saying that none of this stuff was their products that came with the service so they aren't worried about it and it's not their problem. If anyone has the time and knowledge to offer some corrective measure advice I promise to be forever thankful to you.


Kevin T.


Re: Help needed with Airave 2.5

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for posting and I hope I can help here.

The begin, my first thought would be routing configuration of the Airave device. If I understand you correctly your Linksys router is connected to your Airave and then your Airave is passing through to your computer. Correct?

     If this is the case I would suggest (for testing purposes). Remove the router all together and plug that Airave right into your internet modem (Yellow cable plugged into the WAN port on the Airave and the other end directly into your modem).

The LED lights are very important during initial setup of the device. GPS light MUST be green for initial setup so make sure it is and have your antenna in line-of-site to the sky. Second, the Broadband light must also be green (or blinking green is OK too). It sounds like this may be the case but your Network light is red?

This may be due to a blocked port (hopefully in the Linksys router).

Did the representative you spoke with walk you through performing a full reset on the device? Please let me know if they did not or if the above did not help. PM me or email sprintcares@sprint.comAttnSmiley Very HappyCDM



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