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How can I block data downloads on my Airvana?

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How can I block data downloads on my Airvana?


I have an Airvana in my house that we use to have access to our cell phones while at home, since there is no signal up here in the hills, but I have a bit of a problem, namely a neighbor that keeps using my signal to stream to their mobile devices. Because this eats up my own data allotment (and quite quickly) from my Comcast internet account, I need a way to block data downloads via the Airvana. Right now, I'm forced to either unplug the ethernet cable to the Airvana when I see a continuous download (monitored by my Netgear WNDR4500 router's traffic meter) or use a schedule to block the Airvana completely between 12 AM and 7 AM, when the streaming goes on almost without end.

Is there a way I can set up the Airvana's service blocking feature to allow only voice calls and disable internet traffic? My grandparents' phone has data blocked, and I use my wi-fi connection (non-broadcast SSID) on my Epic 4G since it's a metric crapton faster than the Airvana. Because of that setup, I do not need the data capabilities of the Airvana, only voice capability, thus I am seeking a way to restrict access to the Airvana to only voice calls. The whitelist doesn't work at all apparently, as I have my family's phones set up as whitelisted, but all Sprint phones and devices seem to be able to access my Airvana quite freely.

Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated, as this is eating into my data cap, and I already download some very large files (beta OS releases through the Apple ADC program, and online game patches to name a couple), so the extra downloads that aren't mine are still using my account's connection.

Unfortunately, there is no longer a way to turn down the Airvana's signal strength and it very easily penetrates my walls and gives the neighbors access to my internet connection.

- Squishy Tia!


Re: How can I block data downloads on my Airvana?


The only way to restrict data would be to use the original Airave device - which only does voice.  I'm curious as to why the 'whitelist' aka Private Home Designation list isn't working correctly as this should take care of your issue.  If you'd like, you can send me a private message with the MAC ID on the back of the Airave and one of the Sprint numbers on your account and I will look and see if the restricted mode is active and correct it if not.



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