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I'm somewhat happy with the Airave but...


I'm somewhat happy with the Airave but...

I'm experiencing dropped calls daily. Does the Airave work better with a cable modem that has a static IP? Right now my roadrunner modem from Time Warner uses a dynamic IP. I use my sprint phone for business in my home and got the Airave to avoid the dropped calls. I can't be on the line with a client and have a dropped call.


Re: I'm somewhat happy with the Airave but...

BOBQ1548, first off, I am so sorry for the long delay in replying.  If you haven't already gotten the answer to your question, you could try using a static IP but more than likely this has to do w/ the speed of the ISP.  Have you done an ISP VoIP test yet?  If so, what were the results?


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