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Incoming Calls Not Ringing with AIRAVE


Incoming Calls Not Ringing with AIRAVE

I have noticed that my Instinct does not ring when I receive a call and I am connected to my AIRAVE. I have watched calls come in. My screen lights up and the box is there to accept or ignore the call. It acts as if I have it on silent. As soon as I get away from my house and I no longer have AIRAVE coverage, it rings fine. Does anyone else have this problem or is there any word when this will be fixed?


Thank you for posting the information on a contact person! I am on my fourth Samsung Exlclaim with the same problems of delayed text messaging and my phone not ringing at all and notifying me up to 12 - 16 laters that I have voicemail. Or generating all my missed text messaging, facebook notifications and voicemail. I woud love if anyone would respond and let me know of names and numbers of vice president's so that my voice will be heard. I have been a faithful Sprint customer for the last several years and I AM QUITTING SPRINT because of the ignorant behavior and horrible customer service, technical support and basically not resolving my issue in a timely, courteous, and professional manner!



I am having this same issue moeman.  Does this William in Executive Services Support know you told more people to call?  If so, I will call him.  If not, I don't want to irk some tech support guy and just have him send me to first level support again.



I've sent this issue over to product management asking for help/assistance. I'll post an update as soon as I have more information.


This thread has been a godsend!  I've been having this non-ringing problem over a year and initally

swapped my Instinct phone out.  Now that I've missed some very important calls, Im not taking it any more.

Airave cust support is inconsistent with their knowledge of this problem.  Some reps know about

it and others dont.  You have to escalate the issue to a supervisor to have them confirm that this

is a known issue.  I'm currently escalating the problem through Retention Services (is this the same

as Executive Services??) .. but with a simple solution being that Sprint upgrade my phone at their

expense, they are currently unwilling to do that.  I dont believe I should have to pay yet again for

a phone upgrade to solve the incompatibility of Sprint's own equipment.  After 13 years of being

a loyal Sprint customer, they are essentially making it very easy for me to walk away to go to another

provider.  I guess this is a good lesson in how a company remains #3. 


When I'm on my airwave with my Hero 80% of my calls are being forwarded right to voicemail. It's kinda of annoying the support ppl tried telling my my Internet speed was not enough but yet I have 20 meg cable Internet it can't get any faster in my area. I'm thinking of dropping sprint all together.


I have had the same issue with my phone. Works fine everywhere else (other than the internal antenna doesn't work so great), but there are steps you can take to either fix it or get a new phone. The steps I took were to talk to a competent Airave Tech support agent and get the Airrave tweaked and your router set up. There is a thing called Jitter from your ISP that can make a connection with the Airave rather choppy (if it is above 5) so you may need to call your ISP to get them to adjust it. After 3 days of waiting my calls got real clear but I was still having the same issue with it not ringing. When I talked to the Manager of Airave Tech Support he told me there is a known issue between the phone and the Airave so they wanted to replace the phone. The next day I got it in and had the same issue. Called the phone Tech Support the next day and got the run around but I agreed to have the phone replaced again because, if the phone has been replaced twice the Tech support agent do not have an option to replace it with the same phone. He told me that if this next phone still has the issues I can go to a sprint store (corporate store) explain the situation and hopefully get them to give me a comparable phone or an upgrade. If not I will have to call again to get a new phone that shouldn't have an issue with the Airave. We will see how long it takes me to get a new phone but it seams like it is a compatibility issue with the phone and those who own the Airave and the Instinct (original, S30 or HD) you are out of luck and you need to move on to a different phone. For all of you touch screen lovers there are 3 options..... First option if you like the Android phones you can get a HTC Hero, second option if you like windows mobile you can get the HTC Touch Pro 2, or the Third option you can wait and get the HTC EVO when it comes out in June and pay the $10 a month extra to have the phone (it is the fastest smart phone sprint has to offer). My personal choice would be the Hero, because you can upgrade it to 2.1 (the evo has version 2.1) and there are more aps available for it than the Touch Pro 2. I would wait at least 6 months to get the Evo so they can work out the Bugs and that is what I will do when my contract is up next June.

Hope this helps


Same problem here.  After finally getting through to the Airave tech support, the guy told me to simply turn off my roaming.  I told him that others have had issues with the phone not ringing and there is a lengthy discussion on this forum, but he seemed to think that the roaming was the issue.  Guess I will give it a try for a week or two and see if it works.  They didn't offer to tweak any Airave settings or replace my phone or anything of the sort!


I am so sorry 2 hear you are having the same issues and it is SO NOT THE ROAMING.

I think if I recall correctly I posted a contact in a "higher upper" technical support guy.

Start with him. I am no longer a Sprint Customer. I switched to Verizon. Good luck!


This has to be an instinct/airave issue.. I have the exact same problem, it will take me up to 3 or more tries to send a text message to someone, and some of my calls go strait to voicemail.. I called airave the other day, I was told this was the first time they have heard about this problem, so the rep had to go find a tech that had been working with the airave since they came out. So they reset a few things within the airave, and put out a trouble ticket, then told me if i continue to have these problems to call back and see what else can be done. .And  I doubt this was the first they have heard about it..


I have the same problem with my EVO.. sprint fix it!


I have a question for you guys who say you are not recieving calls on occasion.

First did you put the Airave in the DMZ of your router?

Second have you notice that despite being connected to the airave you notice you are connected to a 3G around your house despite the fact that it's not enabled/supported on the Airave (ESPECIALLY those of you who have the Evo/Moment/Hero)

I'll be willing to bet one of these two things apply to you as I noticed the second applies to me.

I'm a brand new customer but I've got a ton of experience with cellular networking and technology.

I believe a fault in the phone software or the Airave is to blame, let me give you a little background...

I live in an area where I have very partial service (one bar max) at my house, all of which is roaming with Verizon.

I just get my Airave today and plug it in and worked fine at first for outgoing calls, so later on as i was playing around with it and calling the cell from my landline phone.

I noticed on some occasions my calls would go striaght to voicemail, upon noticing closer it was ONLY when the phone happened to show 3G/EVDO (with full signal strength or near full signal strength and not in roaming) so I know that I was NOT roaming off of the usual signal that I can get about a bar of.

Upon further investigation I got on my router and since it's DDWRT firmware lets me see bandwidth used on the line when the phone indicates it is on 3G/EVDO it is ACTUALLY using my high speed's connection (despite wifi being turned off on the phone). I also checked the RSSI (signal strength of the EVDO) using ##33284# and it actually shows a positive number, how strange!

So I think there's something definitely VERY funny going on here with the Evo and the Airave.




I have that problem with the Blackberrys and I have had my Airave for a long time

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