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Incorrect Network-Based-Location when connected to the Airave


Incorrect Network-Based-Location when connected to the Airave


Location is incorrect when connected to the Airave


Phone:  Sprint Nexus S 4G, HTC Hero, Samsung Replenish

When at home with network location turned on, my location is reported as Galena Illinois.  I am actually located in Cedar Rapids, IA.  If I turn the Airave off, my location is then reported correctly as Cedar Rapids, IA.  When I turn the Airave back on, after a few minutes my location returns erroneusly to Galena Illinois.

Contributing factors:

None of the Sprint customer support reprentatives that I have talked to have any idea how Airave works, why it has GPS, nor how the Network Location is assigned.  This is even true at the self-proclaimed Sprint Airave Specialist line.  866-556-7310


When I called in, the first tech said that the Airave talks to a GPS satellite and is reporting the location to my phone.  He claimed that the Airave was providing the location of the SATELLITE to my phone, so there was nothing he could do.  The satellite, according to him, was located in Galena Illinois.  THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE.  I believe he actually thought this was true, so I don't blame him for thinking that.

The second rep I talked to, a Floor Manager, didn't know why the Airave had a GPS receiver.  I explained that it is used in part to provide E911 location when calling 911 in emergencies.  She said it was not used for that; I pointed her to the Sprint website which claimed the contrary. 

"37. Why does the AIRAVE require Global Positioning System (GPS) technology?  Sprint AIRAVE uses GPS for network synchronization and device location information required for 911"

msstevens from had the following experience.

The IP for my phone is supplied by Sprint's DHCP servers when it connects via the Airave. It's not supplied by Comcast's DHCP servers at all.

At the moment, both my notebook and my phone are online. Both the wireless router to which my notebook is connected and the Airave go through the same Comcast cable modem. There is no cellular service available near my house except via my Airave.

At the moment, my notebook's public IP is and my phone's is As you can see, they're quite different. If I switch off my cellular radio and connect the phone to my WiFi, it uses the same IP of as my notebook. The address gives a geolocation of Monson, MA even though I'm in NH. The gives a geolocation of Cedar Grove, NJ.

Thus, your answer is wrong on several fronts. The ISP that supplies internet connectivity to the Airave has nothing at all to do with geolocation on a phone connected through that Airave. Further, the location shown on the phone still does not match the actual geolocation that corresponds with the phone's IP address. In the real-life example before me right now, the location on the phone is 21 miles from the geolocation of the phone's IP address.

Finally, the location service on the phone does not depend entirely upon geolocation based on IP address. If I turn off my cellular radio and connect via WiFi, my phone decides that it's in Hancock, NH which is correct even though the phone's IP geolocates to a different state.

That last bit suggests that the location service on the phone is perfectly capable of using GPS if it can't use IP geolocation.

Doing a simple google search returns MANY people which are having this same issue.  Please assign someone to the problem who has a basic knowledge, or the ability to comprehend how the entire system works so that a solution can be found.


Incorrect Network-Based-Location when connected to the Airave

Mine has done the same thing for over a year. They have no idea how to fix it. Apps on my EVO will show me as being in Charlotte NC and I live in Raleigh. 3 hours away. If I turn on google maps it shows me on some street in Charlotte???????  The weather channel app was showing me as being in Georgia the past couple of days and I was not even on the airwave. I was connected to a tower in North Raleigh.


Incorrect Network-Based-Location when connected to the Airave

Just a few questions - Are either of these Airave's replacement devices? Have either of you ever lived and used the Airave elsewhere?

Here is part of what is done when the Airave power on or is activated- I have started after broadband light goes green -

  1. Once connected then it moves on to contacting the GPS assistance server @ ( This is the only event that happens outside of the VPN tunnel)
    1. At this point the AIRAVE will compare its current firmware version with that of the server if the server has a newer one it will begin the download process of this update, the update will continue until downloaded then it will begin installing and restart the AIRAVE. This all happens in the background with the other processes continue on. This is why a new device will come up all green and then after a few moments will go back out of service again.
  2. GPS Assistance data is downloaded based on provisioned or last known zip code.(this data is just to help it acquire the GPS locations faster based on time of day and zip code).
  4. AIRAVE reports GPS location, SMS servers create a custom config file based on GPS location. (this file contains all the cell sites and RF channel info needed to operate in the location where the customers is)
  5. AIRAVE downloads this config file (only takes a few sec. it’s a small text file)

**To fix the issue we usually do a cancel and resume - I will contact you through private message to setup a time to do this. The problem is the cached last known zipcode - E911 is provisioned correctly and will work but the data being supplied to the handset causes the erroneous info.



Incorrect Network-Based-Location when connected to the Airave


My Airave is not a replacement.  I have never lived anywhere else, nor have I used the Airave anywhere else.

Awaiting your Private Message.


Incorrect Network-Based-Location when connected to the Airave

Same here and my sister has an airave and it does the same thing.

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