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Location and hand-off problem


Location and hand-off problem

My airvana works fine, but I'm having two issues. When I leave the range of the airvana, the call immediately drops. I also have the location problem . The airvana thinks it's in the Hamptons and I live on the Queens/Nassau border. Well, I'm glad the airvana is living it up in the Hamptons Is there a fix for these problems?





Thank you for your post regarding your Airave. We may need to check the range settings on your Airave. What is the square footage of your home? Do you have your roaming settings set to Sprint only? Does your signal pick back up when you reenter the area or into an adjacent area to the airave? As for the GPS issue, are you getting that location displyed on your phone? Just wondering how you are able to find out what location it was picking up.



Hi Markie!

Thanks for the quick reply. My home is pretty big. I have the  range settings on the largest settings. The signal picks right back up and I have to call the person back. I have the roaming set to automatic. The location shows up on my phone which is a nexus s 4g. I've had the problem since I received the airvana. I was going to live with the problems, but now they're driving me crazy. I can't start my navigation in my driveway:)  If I have my wi-fi off google now tells me to leave for physical therapy 3 hours before my appointment. I live 1/4 mile away from the gym! The hurricane is heading this way, so I can't do anything now. I'll get back to sprint and try to get the GPS problem fixed.


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