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Low signal Sprint - signal booster question


Low signal Sprint - signal booster question


I'm a new Sprint customer that switched from another carrier. This is my third week and I'm very satisfied with the service. The only issue is that I receive only 1 bar of signal in some parts of my house, outside the signal is great. Sometimes, when I receive a call I need to go outside of my house to get a better signal and have a clear conversation. A friend told me that Sprint offers a device that is a signal booster that works with my broadband connection and sometimes they send it for free. Is that true or is free if I get another 2-year agreement only for this device? Does it require a change in my plan?

The signal booster will be a great solution and I need to know if I can get it for free or at a low cost, I need to make a decision to cancel or not cancel because of this issue before the 30 day trial period expires.


Low signal Sprint - signal booster question

The signal booster is called an Airave (or Air Rave). If you are on an ASL (Account Spending Limit) account, there is a charge (I believe $100) to get the device. If you are not on an ASL account, you can call in to Customer Care and ask about one. It will be sent to your house and is easy to hook up.

What the system does is takes your home internet connection (cable/satelite/FIOS connection and a router are required) and broadcasts a localized cellular signal.

Be aware though, that the Airave is still a newer system that has a few kinks. You will have issues with entering or leaving the cell tower while you are on a call. Most people can transfer out of the Airave coverage fine but calls drop going in, I have the exact opposite - my Airave picks up the call as soon as I pull into the parking lot but when I leave it will drop my call.

The system is also not compatible with Virgin Mobile phones. If you have someone in your house (or right around you if you are in an apartment) that has Virgin Mobile (not sure about Boost), their phones will not work. They will get stuck trying to connect to the Airave's tower and fail (giving a "Private Sprint network" error).

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