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My airave isn't working


My airave isn't working

I have had my airave on for 2 days and the gps and system lights are solid red.I called tech support and they said they are repairing the towers in my area.Can any check to see if this is true and how long will the repair be?my area is:magnolia,texas 77354.Or is my unit defective and I need to get a new one? I got it a couple of days ago.The only lights that are blue are the power and the wan light,and It has been the same it never changed to blue or blink.Does anyone know about this problem or is it just me?


Re: My airave isn't working

It takes time for the lights to turn blue. GPS takes a long time. If you can extend the antenna (per directions) and place it near window. Once you get thew GPS light to turn blue the last light will be the SYS. If you have a secured wireless it must be disabled first. Once you disable it and light turns blue you can enable your security again and it will stay blue. If you restrict allowable devices by ip address then you must add you AIRAVE ip address to the list. If you can't get the GPS light to go blue that the device won't work. So get it near a window or extend the antenna and wait at least 10 minutes or so. Hope this helps.

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