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Need an AirAve for my home, I keep dropping calls


Need an AirAve for my home, I keep dropping calls

I been having issues with drop calls since getting my Samsung 4S.  I have spoken twice to Sprint about the problem.  I was offered a discount on my bill the first time and told they would dispatch a tech to the field to fix.  Waited for two weeks, nothing happened.  I call back again, about two weeks ago, again I am promised a credit on my bill and a tech to be dispatched to fix, also I was provided a phone number where I could get an AirAve if things did not improve.  I reset my phone 3 business days later, no improvement in signal, drop calls continue.  I waited about a week, reset the phone again, in change in the signal, phone is still dropping calls.  I called the phone number to order a AirAve that the account manager provided me about 2 weeks ago and I was told tonight that I would need to pay for one.  Sprint I am paying your company to provide me with a 4G LTE service and I can't even get 2G phone calls to my home.  Prior to changing out my phone, I was paying for 4G WMAX services that I was not getting either and I was barely get 3g services here.  On your coverage map you state my home is in a perfect area and I should be excellent services.  The person on the phone stated that we should have 4G LTE services coming on line in the next 90 days, when the Sprint store told me that it would be turned on over 4 weeks ago in my area.  I'm really getting pissed off about this, do I have to write another letter to your Corporate President again about the problems I have been experiencing?  I had to do it once before and I will not hesitate to do it again.  Please rectify this issue at once.  I paid a $137.00 per month for years now until recently when I switch to this new phone that suppose to work better than my old Samsung 2S, because I was told the old WMAX service is going to be turned off and I would no longer get a 4G service on the phone.  I come to find out, your company does even have the LTE service up in most areas.  I feel like I am being cheated again.


Re: Need an AirAve for my home, I keep dropping calls

I had the same issue with my connection about 6 months ago.  I also checked the coverage map and it showed I should have a good connection.  I have 4 lines and told them that if I can't call, text, email, etc. from home than I am wasting my money.

They said that they could send me a Airave booster that would resolve the problems.  They said there would be no charge and they could send it out today.  The only stipulation would be that if I ended my contract I would be responsible for returning the booster equipment to them.

I received the booster and and it took about two weeks and hours of working with technical support to get it working properly.  The problem was where the connection should go...  Into the router, cable wifi box, etc.???  We finally determined that it runs into the cable box, not the router(or vise versa), can't remember exactly, but it has worked great.  It does have to be reset occasionally, which is a simple fix.

I don't understand why they are charging you for the Airave, but I held their feet to the fire.  I would demand they get this to you at no charge and fix your problem.

Hope this helps.

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