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Need firmware updated on my Airave


Need firmware updated on my Airave

Because of the time change, I'm having problems when receiving text messages with the wrong time again. The last time this happened, someone updated my firmware on my airave. I need this done again. Can anyone help me please??


I am having similar issue.. have Palm Pre.. time on phone is correct, but text messages arrive with a timestamp of 1 hour before the current time.

Called Airave Tech Support, suggest I reset the Airave.. but I can see from this thread that you have tried that with no improvement. I will give it a try a little later. We left it that Sprint knows about this and "it will work itself out"... my guess is they need to do something for these Airave devices to properly adjust for the time change.

I have Airvave 2.5 with Firmware at


This is really aggravting. I just wish all the problems would go away and have service like before without any problems. I'm so sick and tired of contacting Sprint with the problems that I'm having. Never had to do this before until this past March.


Super annoying and airave support has no answers either. Restarted and reset the Airave from their end, check router time, restarted phone, updated profile, touched my toes 3 times, etc... nothing is fixing the issue. They created a trouble ticket, but who knows what that will do.


I have the same issue on my Airave.

  1. The time stamp on received text messages is 1 hour earlier than the actual time. (I'm in eastern zone)
  2. Several of my incoming messages are received over and over again.
  3. Some of my incoming messages don't come in, or only come in hours after they were sent.

What I've done:

  • I checked my phone (EVO 4G LTE) and its time is correct.
  • My Belkin router's time is also correct.
  • I've reset the Airave with paperclip for more than 60 seconds.
  • Tested on a friend's Airave and tested on friend's phone on my Airave and his Airave (one at a time).  All with the same results.
  • Turning off the Airave, issues 1, 2, & 3 disappear.

I've seen that this issue has happened before for other users on the forums.  My guess is that the Airave runs into this problem when there's a Daylight Savings Time change.

The time stamps (1) are not the biggest issue, but a symptom. Issues 2 & 3 are a big problem as they make text conversations unusable.

Can you help us fix it?


Time stamp is correct now.  (See posting by RC1024 on Nov 7 2012 at 9 AM saying that Sprint has corrected the time of Airaves her )

However, I sent myself 10 test text messages. 

  • 7 of them were sent and I received them promptly, all with correct time stamps.
  • 2 of them I received twice, with correct time stamp. (1 right came twice right away, another came a 2nd time 15 minutes later.)
  • 1 of them was only received after 15+ minutes of waiting.
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