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No Data connection on HTC Evo with Airave!


No Data connection on HTC Evo with Airave!

No matter what I do I don't have a data connection when the airave is in use. It is the same for my Dad's Hero. Once I am out of range of the Airave the data connection works. I am so frustrated with Sprint right now! We have been loyal customers for over 8 years and have multiple lines. Until about a year ago our service was fine at home, but now it is spotty at best. Sprint sent us the Airave for free and said that it would help boost our signa. So far the signals seem to be better, BUT we have no data connections and it is almost like we are on a delay when we talk on the phone. It is really odd and very annoying. If we can't get this worked out we are going to switch carriers. Is anyone else having a similar problem? If so, what did you do to fix it??


No Data connection on HTC Evo with Airave!

Do you have the Airave access point or the Samsung Airave? I will private message you to get more information.


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