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No reliable connection


No reliable connection

I just got the outstanding Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but sadly, I can't make a call that will last for more than a few seconds to a few minutes max before it drops.  I spoke to the great tech people at Sprint, but it appears to be out of their control until the contractor that is working on the towers finishes their upgrades.  Super frustrating as I am disabled and depend upon my phone to make and receive calls from my various doctors regarding treatment and updates of my condition.  I hope this gets resolved very quickly because I like to make real calls since I am paying real money for the service.  I can't blame or be mad at the people at Sprint as they are always polite and very helpful. 


Re: No reliable connection


Congradulations on your new device. When the call drops are you getting any error messages? Or do you notice if it is happening in a certain location or time? I hope I do not sound repetitive. I just want to make sure I am doing everything that I can to help you.


Sprint Social Care Team

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