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Note 2 and airave 2.5 Don't work together. Any Ideas?


Note 2 and airave 2.5 Don't work together. Any Ideas?

I am currently on my second Airave 2.5. After numerous hours and many dropped calls to tech support "Can you hear me now?". This thing still does not work. Whats funnier is according to the sprint map I am right in the middle of the coverage area 94536 home and 94578 at work but no signal either place. I am trying to use two galaxy note 2 in my house and neither of them connect to airave. It all worked great the first day as soon as I left the Airave coverage area it hasn't worked since. I have tried updating PRL, Changing to CDMA only, turning off network optimizer and multiple resets on both units. to No avail. I am totally frustrated with Airave support Because we spend more time repeating ourselves and calling each other back due to no signal.I have spent easily 8 hrs doing this.  Why don't they have a online chat?????? If I'm ranting here simply put I hate paying a bill where I have to spend hours trying to troubleshoot everything myself and get no where and still cant make a phone call!  So far I hate my Sprint service and I am tired of them always stating it will get better .   So If there is any help out there I could use it PLEASE !!!


Re: Note 2 and airave 2.5 Don't work together. Any Ideas?

If the note 2 has a debug or field trial screen, see what sid/nid you're connected to.  If the nid is not 502, then it's not connecting to the airave.

It seems lately (last 6 months?), in some areas where 800 mhz service is live, sprint's prl tables give greater priority to this band which causes issues with the airrave which uses the pcs band (1900).  This works fine if you're in an area of good reception, but creates issues when the signal is marginal.  The phone still locks onto the 800 mhz, even if the 1900 mhz signal is stronger.

Sprint has yet to acknowledge this as a problem and provide a proper fix. 

While googling a fix myself, I found this thread on xda

FIXED: No Handoff to Airave for Voice - xda-developers


Re: Note 2 and airave 2.5 Don't work together. Any Ideas?

As i understand it, the new airave 2,5+ addresses this with a 800mhz beacon. If this is accurate, I will upgrade to this device, as I have the same problem with my phones that support 800mhz.

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